For the list this week, I thought I’d really throw you for a loop.  Not only because I’m doing it on a Sunday (to start off the week) but also because I found that I have far too much to be happy about to complain this week.  It’s so much easier to find the negative than the positive, so I figured I’d practice being positive.

  1. Trees covered in flowers.  The branches so heavy with flowers that they look like they might break at any moment.
  2. Perfectly executed surprise birthday parties.
  3. Being greeted by these guys upon arrival home everyday:
  4. Sun showers.
  5. Fuzzy slippers and perfectly polished toes. 
  6. Heeeeey cutie.  My mom has been harassing me to stock my home with these sweet (and healthy) treats for a while now.  
  7. The color of the sky just before sunset at the beach.  Can never be recreated by man.
  8. The unthinkable has happened.  But I’m a woman who can admit when she’s wrong.  You know how strongly I felt about my Blackberry, but I will never go back…
  9. Speaking of iPhones… Let’s talk about WhatsApp.  Never have I been so thrilled about technology.  This little “app” allows me to talk to 3 of my favorite gals all in one place at the same time.
  10. Sweet, sweet baby boy Blake- born 5/14/11.  Welcome, little man! (Don’t break too many hearts).