For years, redheads weren’t always treated like the bombshells they are.  Coppertops, gingers, firecrotches… the list goes on and on.  It seems funny that redheads get such a bad rap when some of our very favorite leading ladies were blessed with rusty roots.  Who doesn’t love Molly Ringwald in Breakfast Club?  What little girl didn’t want to grow up and look like Julia Roberts?  And who can forget about cartoon bombshell Jessica Rabbit?

Recently, crimson coifs are stepping up and taking center stage. Young, hot Hollywood is trading in the standard sunny blonde and sultry brunette for fiery red.

Rihanna has been sporting a very cherry ‘do for quite some time and Scarlett Johansson was the most recent buxom blonde to start seeing red.  These ladies look lovely, but are you ready for red?

Some things you should know before getting all fired up:

  • Approximately 1-2% of the population have naturally occurring red hair and it is a recessive gene.
  • Red is the hardest color to fake due to the many shades available.  Most dye jobs will end up looking very unnatural.
  • Red hair is very difficult to maintain.  It fades faster than all other hair colors.  This can lead to some very strange hues between touch ups.
  • Skin color plays a huge role in red hair.  If you are fair, you can get away with almost any shade of red, but a light red will look most natural.  If you are darker skinned, go with a deep auburn or darker red.
  • Don’t forget: When you dye your hair, the eyebrows must also follow suit.

So, would you dare trade in your shade for red?