You know the sayings, “Two are better than one”, “The more the merrier”, “You can never have too much of a good thing.”  Well, for a little while there, two for one’s or “twofers” in fashion were not such great things.  You know what I’m talking about… the collared shirts with the vests already attached.  Thank goodness!  You can save yourself the trouble of thinking that one through! Phew!

It wasn’t until recently that twofers were allowed out from the time out corner and welcomed back into our closets.  The maxi skirt is huge for spring and summer and luckily, the geniuses who thought up this trend (um, hello unshaven legs and skirt equivalent of leggings) also threw in a little bonus by making these maxi skirts convertible.  Meaning that the skirt can also be pulled up to your chest, belted, and worn as a dress.  Some of you little wizards were probably already doing this on your own, but the cat’s outta the bag and it’s going mainstream.  Check out how to wear your new skirt/dress… shall we call it a “skress”?

I love a maxi skirt slung low on the hips with slightly wedged sandals and a cropped tee or tank.  It gives an easy, breezy, summer look perfect for a farmer’s market or outdoor festival without making you look like a total skank.  Remember, a little bit of skin is good.  A whole lot of skin is how you end up sixteen and pregnant.

To dress up your skress, hike that baby up to cover your mammaries, add a belt to cinch your waist and throw on strappy sandals to complete the look.  Another brilliant reason to own a skress? Packing purposes.  You’ve got one piece of clothing that works as two separate outfits giving you extra room in your suitcase for those sky high espadrilles and another teeny bikini.

1. C & C California Short Sleeve Cropped Hi Low Tee, $58, 2. Splendid Heather Maxi Tube Skirt/Dress, $88, 3. Elie Tahari Snake Printed Leather Strappy Wedge Sandals, $268, 4. Splendid Heather Maxi Tube Skirt/Dress, $88, 5. B-Low the Belt Eashan Belt, $115, 6. Miu Miu Multi Strap Suede Sandals, $595

Two never looked so good.