From what to wear to make an ex-boyfriend jealous to which underwear is sexy rather than skanky, my friends often ask me for style advice and I usually just answer them privately, but a friend sent me a message this week and I realized that it’s probable that many of you are also wondering the same things.


I am going to a summer wedding in Jamaica and have no clue what kind of dress to wear. I’m thinking a chiffon maxi dress but I haven’t found any that I like. You know how much I love your posts on WhyDid, so I was hoping you would maybe want to do a post on this? If not, no biggie. Love you lots!!


Don’t ask about the nickname… Anyway, Peep, I think you’re onto something with the chiffon maxi.  It is the perfect option for a destination wedding for two reasons, 1). it’s breezy and light, 2). chiffon dresses are easy to pack and won’t require any ironing or ridiculous garment bag.  If you think you might be dipping your toes in the water after dancing the night away, maybe you can opt for a tea length or short chiffon dress.  Be sure to pick a bright color or bold pattern for maximum tropical thunder.  Some espadrilles or embellished sandals are the way to go when navigating sand and possible “rocky” terrain (especially after downing some rum punch or Red Stripe). Keep accessories light- some bangles and maybe a long necklace.  Now you’re ready to celebrate in style.

1. DSQUARED2 Natasha Long Dress, $1,950, 2. ADAM Colorblock Long Halter Dress, $395, 3. AKA New York Malibu Dress, $398, 4. Forever 21 Floral Maxi Dress, $16.50, 5. Winter Kate Harlequin Chiffon Maxi Dress, $285, 6. Ella Moss Penelope Maxi Dress, $189, 7. Robbi & Nikki Beaded Chiffon Dress, $265, 8. Halston Heritage Tiered Chiffon Romper, $295, 9. Top Shop Chiffon Bandeau Dress by Rare, $110

Let’s also not forget about the hair.  Destination weddings often include tropical climates.  I know that the minute my hair meets humidity, I resemble a wildebeest.  So, finding a hairstyle that not only looks pretty, but also holds up against wild weather is crucial.  Whether your hair is wooly and wild like mine, or fine and frail below are some great options to keep you looking beach wedding chic:

Yeah, mon!