This week’s list is a compilation from coast to coast.  I’ve apparently been too busy to be annoyed, but thankfully, I got a little help from my friends- and they’re very annoyed.  Here are a few things that annoyed some of my besties this week (and a couple that annoyed me too):

  1. The people who stand outside of stores to try and lure you in.  Um, if I needed to come in there, I would.  This also goes along with the people who hand out flyers too.  I do not want your flyer. Stop it.
  2. Motorcycle/biker arm signals.  I know you know what it means… but we don’t.  Try a blinker. 
  3. People who “fake wash” their hands in the bathroom so you won’t think they’re scummy.  With all the effort you put into pretending… you could have just lathered up.
  4. Three words: Failure To Launch.  It’s time to be a big girl/boy.  Stow away your stuffed animals and get a grown up job.
  5. People who like to play the “victim.”  Shut. Up. and do something about it.
  6. Having things “taken” from your shopping cart on RueLaLa.  Um, I was going to buy that.
  7. Girls who get angry when you come up to the mirror to reapply your lipgloss/fix your hair/etc. in the bathroom.  Oh, I’m sorry… is this your mirror? 
  8. Speaking of hair: Touching your hair in public.  Like, I’m not talking a little twirl of the hair while flirting.  I mean a full on coif at the dinner table or perhaps flat ironing your hair on public transportation… yeah, I’m talking to you girl on the CalTrain…
  9. Public overshare.  This includes but is not limited to: Facebook break ups/make ups, Twitter lists of what you ate today, YouTube sob stories, DailyBooth risque photos.  Let’s use social media for good, not evil.
  10. People who feed their children fast food.  I don’t mean for a “treat” from time to time.  I’m talking about when it’s the rule rather than the exception.

Hey universe?  Stop upsetting my friends.  I need them sane and happy. Thanks!




Photos via Coverings Magazine, Andrea Grant, Jokers Wild Motorcycle Club