I haven’t talked about this little lady in a while…

Oh, hey Paris!  I’m not sure whether the actual outfit or the look on her face is what kills me the most.  She looks so proud of herself.  To be quite honest, if I didn’t know this was Paris, I would think it was just a waitress from T.G.I. Fridays on break at the airport.  Well, except she seems to be missing some “flair.”

Let’s take a closer look:

Oh, I stand corrected.  The matching hat and fingerless gloves really just put this ensemble over the edge.  Talk about flair! I’m always baffled by fingerless gloves.  I understand them when they have the little mitten type of thing that covers your fingers when you’re done texting.  That makes sense to me.  The ones that are just fingerless for the sake of being fingerless seem to be a bit of an oxymoron.  Not to mention, Paris isn’t dressed like she’s particularly cold anywhere else besides, I suppose, her wrists.

Speaking of flair… Her cheesy flare legged black pants and bizarre puff sleeve shirt only further confuse me.  And the red diaper bag? I thought it might be one of her poor sweet animals inside, but I don’t see any breathing holes… so for the sake of Tinkerbell, let’s hope it’s just a fugly purse. Let’s just cross our fingers that Paris is hopping a flight out of town… to a place with no paparazzi so we are not subjected to fashion f*ck up’s like this one.