For as long as I can remember, socks and sandals have not only been a fashion faux pas, they’ve been a fashion “oh heeeeell no.”  Well, it seems things, they are a changin’… or it’s just another sign of the apocalypse.  In any case, it seems that wearing socks with your sandals is becoming somewhat socially acceptable.

Shown above by Burberry, socks with sandals can actually look quite chic and the trend is popping up all over the place for spring.  While I like it in the photo, I worry that like most things, this trend will not be translated properly by the masses and then we’ll be bombarded with a bunch of jackasses who got it all wrong.  I guess this a good trend for the gals who can’t wait to wear their new spring sandals… or just need a pedicure.

So, socks and sandals: tres geek or tres chic?

You sock.