A girlfriend of mine BBM’ed me the other day in a total frenzy.  She wanted to tell me about her new girl crush and ask me if having feelings of sheer adoration for a fellow female was normal.  I reassured her that a good ol’ fashion girl crush is NBD (no big deal).  There’s nothing wrong with a little female appreciation.  Hell, we could probably use more of that kind of girl power!

Speaking of girl crushes, WhyDid has one of its own.  I had seen Camilla Belle in photos here and there and had heard her name, but it wasn’t until I saw her wearing that sexy silver Armani dress to a Golden Globes after party that she really caught my attention.  Yowza! Who is that beautiful brunette?  Her classically beautiful features and shiny dark locks are only complemented by her flawless skin and killer stems.  Sigh, I want to grow up and look like her. Though I’m still not clear as to what exactly she is famous for  other than stealing a Jonas brother away from T. Swift (I think she was in A Little Princess – in which case, I’ve definitely seen it), I still think she is a certifiable stunner.

While, the chances of me waking up tomorrow and looking like Camilla are slim to none (I’m banking on none), I’ve compiled a collection of goodies that will have me sharing some of Ms. Belle’s sexy style.  Pops of color, shiny metallics, grey pumps, smokey eyes with a glossy lip, and that gorgeous glowing skin are all pieces to the Camilla pie.  Don’t mind if I do…

Top (L to R): Yumi Kim Sheila Dress, $193, Ungaro Fever Platform Pumps, $235, Beauty in a Box Smoky Eyes Palette, $36, Tarte Vitamin Infused Lip Gloss, $21

Bottom (L to R): L.A.M.B. Chloe Heels, $325, Victoria’s Secret Ruched Cowlneck Dresss, $58, Pleasure Doing Business Metallic Sweetheart Dress, $330, Nars Bronzing Powder, $33,  Keratin Complex Shine, $16

Oh… I’ve just been informed she’s going to be in some movie called From Prada to Nada… well, she’s still pretty.