It’s that time of year again. You know what I’m talking about. Company Christmas party time. Oh boy… I wonder if these are just orchestrated in order to cut overhead by reducing manpower in the new year. Some of the insane behavior that occurs during these parties is just shameful. Last year, the illustrious TJ Kelly (Why In Gay Hell?) gave some pointers on proper holiday behavior and I get a feeling it may be important to revisit some of these points as well as discuss proper attire.

A few key pointers:

  • Do not get hammered. I know the booze is free and you had a hell of a day crunching the numbers for next month’s budget, but tonight is not the night. Limit your cocktail intake to two.
  • Holiday parties are also not the time to reveal the crush you’ve had on Sally from accounting either. Just because the atmosphere is relaxed for the evening, doesn’t mean it will be when you awake tomorrow.

  • Going along with the previous pointer, this is also not the time to act on (read: hook up) with said crush. This has disaster written all over it.

  • I have always been a firm believer in keeping your professional life and social life somewhat separate. Certain things are just not meant to mix. You don’t need to be an ice cold, antisocial bitch, but there is also no need to fill everyone in on each detail of your failing relationship.  Don’t forget, your boss is still your boss.

Now onto “what to wear.” They may suggest that the attire is more “casual” but that doesn’t mean “look like a slob.” On the same note, there is no reason to over do it. Most importantly, do not over “sexify” yourself. Wear something you’d feel comfortable wearing to a normal day in the office but add at touch of holiday spirit with sequins, velvet, plaid, or color.

Adam Sequined Bamboo and Cashmere Blend Cardigan, $395

Talbots Ruffle Plaid Blouse, $59.99

White House Black Market Slim Satin Pant, $98

Kate Spade New York Giada Glitter Dot Shoes, $350

Have fun, relax, and make sure you have a job on Monday.