I can’t lie, the lovely Ms. Fox inspired this post. I have had a pair of slouchy pleated pants hanging in my closet for a few months now and every time I put them on, I felt a bit more Ellen Degeneres than Megan Fox. After seeing how hot a pair of simple slacks could look, I was inspired to try again.  A slouchy pleated pant is a great alternative to jeans, leggings, and your regular dress/work slacks. Here are some great pleated options for you to try out as well:

Stella McCartney Pleated Cropped Pants, $595

Bird by Juicy Couture Carrot Silhouette Trousers, $328

Myne Tamara Pants, $210

Something Else by Natalie Wood Slouchy Pleat Front Pants, $117

American Apparel Linen High Waist Pleated Pants, $75

Silence and Noise Pleated Ankle Roll Pant, $58

Charlotte Russe Cropped Pleated Slouchy Pants, $29.50