I’ve never worn a pair of flats to work, so I know how hard heels are on your tootsies during a long day at the office. That being said, I HAVE NEVER WORN A PAIR OF FLATS TO WORK. Not sure if you know, but beauty is pain. If you’d like to look like a 4’9 midget, please, feel free to slap on your Tory Burch flats and strut on in to the office. Be prepared for no one to pay attention to you or take you seriously. It’s been proven that women in heels are perceived as more “powerful.” I am also aware that unless we’re taking cabs/being chaffuered to work, our heels can take some serious abuse on the commute. So, I get it. We need some alternative footwear. However, there is no need for you to strap your feet into these:

300.JPGDr. Scholl’s Fast Flats, $9.99

Oh… yeah. Cause I need to wear trash bags on my feet. So, so, so unattractive. Why not opt for something a little more upscale, like custom flip flops if you must swap out your footwear.

0468220554862R_CGOLD-GREY_300x400Prada Flip Flops with case, $220

Hey, either way, it’s better than tights and sneakers.