Boy, do I love a black nail, but I’m kind of tiring of seeing girls wear it in an attempt to be “edgy” or “vampy.” My bf bought me an amazing shade by OPI for Sephora called “Never Enough Shoes.” It’s mixture of black lacquer with a sprinkle of glitter (double win in my book), but when I bore of looking like all the rest of you, I will most certainly switch to these muted nude tones from Chanel:

chanel-fashions-night-out-nail-polishes-khaki-rose-khaki-brun-khaki-vert-thumb-500x369-64901Les Khakis de Chanel are the perfect fall transitional colors sure to go with all trends for fall… from animal print to minimalist silhouettes. So, if you want to stand out in the loud crowd of onyx tips, brush on on these muted colors and just … shut. up.