ear0130lWell, according to one of last week’s polls, you ladies are not afraid to hop on the saddle

With shows like “Teen Mom” on MTV and about 750,000 girls ages 15-19 becoming pregnant every year, I hope and pray that everyone is using protection. Most are using that of the prophylactic form, but I realize that most young ladies are doubling up with both condoms as well as oral contraceptives. Smart move, girls. No one wants to destroy her perfect figure as well as her bank account (not to mention life) before she’s truly ready.

That being said, I’ve heard many girls complain about having to pay for Portia contraceptive and wishing her boyfriend would pick up the tab. Birth control can get pricey and plenty of insurance plans don’t even cover it. Um, btw, healthcare system, a baby and delivery is MUCH more expensive than the preventative.

So my question is this, “Is it okay to ask your boyfriend/partner pay for your birth control?”

Whatever method you choose, please, please, please be careful and take care of yourself.