Once while home visiting my mom in West Virginia, she nearly threw my Blackberry at my head a la Naomi Campbell because I just would not/could not put it down. She was frustrated that I was constantly tapping away on it and not listening to her (little does she know that I am capable of two things at once!). I do, however understand her concern. I was being a bit obnoxious about it.

So when my phone conveniently fell into the toilet the last time I was home, my mom was secretly elated. (I wouldn’t be surprised if she paid off that toilet to trip me so I’d drop my phone). After that whole “rice” suggestion not really panning out, I was sitting around without a phone until my replacement was shipped. As mentioned, her computer is from 1999 and her home is not equipped with Wifi. Sigh. What’s a girl to do? How on earth was I going to keep up with Twitter updates and update my Facebook status?

We are an incredibly overstimulated society. There are far too many distractions for us. Family dinners are nearly non existent and the ones that are usually are drowned out by the garble on TV. Kids are being diagnosed left and right with ADD when they really are probably just overstimulated with all the Hannah Montana and Dora the Explorer going on. No one remembers how to pick up the phone anymore let alone pen a handwritten letter. We don’t even use full words anymore. “C U L8R!”

It’s so very easy to get caught up in our little social bubbles that we forget to just be totally quiet. When’s the last time you really had a moment to yourself? Complete peace and quiet?

I suggest taking an entire afternoon or even a weekend if you can muster up the courage to completely unplug and disconnect with the outside world so that you can re-connect with yourself. I’m willing to bet that the world will carry on as normal with or without your BBM’s.