As I’m getting older (and older… and older…) I have come to realize that what they say about “quality over quantity” is oh-so-very true. During my last closet clean out, I noticed that I had a ton of garbage and duplicate garbage that when added together could have amounted to one really nice piece as opposed to several shitty pieces. Just like friends, boyfriends, and old receipts… sometimes you’ve got to clean out the old, to make room for the new.

Black Pants: You may think of these as boring and what waitresses/caterers wear, but they are a fool proof option for dressing up, dressing sexy, or dressing for work. They can carry you from summer to winter seamlessly. Get a pair that fits you well or have them tailored to get them just right.

0488266486033R__ASTL_300x400Vince Ponte Skinny Ski Pants, $245

White Blouse: There is nothing more classic than a clean white shirt. A simple white blouse can be worn in so many different ways and can be incredibly alluring when styled correctly.

irissinger_2117_339512887Equipment Signature Blouse, $178

Cashmere Sweater: An absolute must for any girl on the go. Stashing your lightweight cardi somewhere handy can take you from day to night.

eqzoom85.msBCBG Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan, $144

Pencil Skirt: I don’t think anyone would argue that there’s nothing sexier than a woman in a well fit pencil skirt and heels. This is an absolute necessity and any chic girl’s closet.

76845_fr_lDVF Wool Panel Pencil Skirt, $245

Classic Pumps: Even if they hurt a little, a classic pair of black pumps can be worn with just about anything (including your black pants or pencil skirt).

Picture 2Christian Louboutin Platform Pump, $695

Everyday Bag: This is basically your day to day carry on luggage. You need to carry everything from your wallet, to your change of shoes, to your portfolio. Needs to be durable and preferably have a lot of pockets to stash your goodies and keep you organized.

Picture 1Balenciaga Giant City Tote Bag, $1400

Clutch: All it needs to hold is your credit cards, ID, cash, cellphone, keys, lipgloss and camera- all while being cute.

rmink2036518179_p2_v1_m56577569831935495_254x500Rebecca Minkoff The Clutch, $350

Trench: A classic trench is a staple for brisk fall days and chilly spring nights.

pBUR-7485594t237x329Burberry Short Double Breasthed Trench, $595

So clean out the clutter and replace it with quality staple pieces that will last.