I mean, I think it’s all of our favorite time of the week… THE list. Did you make the cut?

  1. Brandy aka Bran’Nu. Are you kidding me? Stop. It.
  2. Humidity. Not good for my weave.
  3. Acrylic nails. Are we still doing that?
  4. Boys with highlights. Let’s swap spit, not hair products.
  5. Katy Perry’s light up dress. Talk about a waste of energy.050410-katy-623
  6. Jennifer Lopez’s publicist. She’s doing a great job. Good for J.Lo, bad for us.
  7. Pretty Wild. How did this show not get canceled after the first episode? And why do I not have a show? I can swing from a pole too, you know.
  8. Car bombs. How DARE you try to blow up our fair city.
  9. People who tuck their pants into their sandals. WTF??!!TuckItIn
  10. Being uninformed. If you’ve got 30 minutes for The Hills, you’ve got 30 minutes to at least scan the newspaper. Nothing better than beauty + brains.

Have a great weekend – and pick up the Sunday Times…