I wish this was a joke… unfortunately, this is legit.

As I lay in bed with my dog and my Mac (threesome) watching re-runs of 90210 (the Brenda Walsh era), I was startled to see a commercial for this:

home_01Oh…. really? Who in the world would want to go to this?  They suggest that it’s great for bachelorette parties. Right. Now, I’m not even in the realm of possibility of marriage (see above sleeping arrangement), but I would disown my friends if this is where they took me on my last night as a free woman. Sure, while Bill is taking tequila shots and getting a lap dance from Candi (i not y), I’m singing along to horrible 80’s music with a scrunchie in my hair. Great plan, gals! Unless someone’s pants come off, I’m not sold.

And in case you need more proof that I’m not making this up… photographic evidence!



prom3_jpgOh- I’m sorry, wasn’t aware Justin Timberlake and Betty White had teamed up for a collabo.  Maybe I’m misguided, but I thought the 80’s and your prom were things we are all trying to forget. What/who on Earth is still trying to hold on? Seems to me like there could be some deeper issues at hand (and I do NOT have time to even begin). If for some reason, you’d like to participate in the Awesome 80’s Prom, you can go ahead and call them toll free at 1-877-RAD-PROM. I’m not making that up either.