So remember when I was a little taken aback with Beyonce’s “glitter wig” at the Grammy’s? Well, upon further investigation (you KNOW my middle name is Google) I have cracked the case. Nancy Drew strikes again.

Although it wasn’t a “glitter wig” (I still think she was wearing a wig), there were, in fact, strands of metallic hair knotted in. These little tinsel like strands are called Bling Strands and they’re one of the newest trends in hair. My dear friend, Ashley, just got them done at a salon and she looked absolutely adorable. You can get the look at home by ordering them online and watching the “how to” video. They are sold in packs of 25 strands ($6.50 for 18″, $8.95 for 36″) and come in a multitude of fun colors, but if you aren’t very crafty, I’d leave it up to the experts. You may end up with a knotted mess.

I can’t say that I will be sporting these little guys around, but I do think they are a fun accessory for the right girl or for a special occasion.




Get your shine on.