Who’s hungry? You better be- cause it’s Munchin’ Monday!

This week we’re off to one of my favorite places in the East Village called Degustation (which means “a careful, appreciative tasting of various foods”). This place is so right up my alley because it saves me from having to convince my dining partner that we should just split everything.

Degustation is a mixture of French and Spanish small plates. You’ve got multiple options here: You can do 5 courses for $50, 10 courses for $75, or just order a la carte. You’ve also got the option to add wine pairings to compliment each course. I’ve done both the 5 and 10 course options and I’d definitely recommend the 10 course option. The 10 course option is all chef’s choice items that aren’t on the menu. Just as a warning, you’ll leave more stuffed than a turkey at Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s so good!!

I don’t typically discuss ambiance and decor, but this is an exception to the rule. They’ve only got 16 seats surrounding an open kitchen, so you get to watch the food being prepared. Who doesn’t like watching men use their hands, huh? And while we’re on the subject- what is it with so many chefs being so frickin’ cute? Sigh… Sorry…Got off topic…

Back on track! The food! If you opt out of my recommendation for the 10 course tasting, then let me suggest a couple items from the “secret menu.” Since we all know how much I love pork, I’m of course, going to recommend the fried eggs, pork belly, winter greens, and parmesan dish.

pork belly

I’d also encourage going with the lamb loin, heirloom cauliflower, pinenut puree, pickled raisins, and mint dish. I don’t usually dig lamb, but the sides that accompany this dish are what make it so amazing.


Now for dessert! You MUST get the caramelized torija with citrus fruits. It’s AWESOME and 100% necessary, trust me.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week my friends. Degustation may ruin that beach body that WhyDidYouWearThat got you all prepped for last week, but it’s entirely worth it. Just spend some extra time at the gym or buy a cover-up and call it a day because in my world good food = happiness (and ultimately world peace).

See you next Munchin’ Monday!



P.S. – McNally’s new pizza place Pulino’s opens today and I CAN NOT wait to try it out! The big and mighty are opening food joints for the common folk and I LOVE it. I also love new pizza joints. I just love pizza. Period.