As many of you are well aware, there is a serious BBM (Blackberry Messenger) obsession/sickness going on. Peronally, the only reason I like BBM is for the amazing emoticons (although, I have a few suggestions- Blackberry, have your people call my people). It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you can check whether or not your “friends” have read your message or not, stalkers.  Big fan of the “thumbs up,” fyi.

Anyway, my point is being lost here. Let’s talk about emoticons. A while ago, I had an incredibly traumatic experience that involved none other than the dreaded “wink face.”  Who knew a semi-colon and a half parentheses could wreak such havoc? Yeah, I wasn’t aware either.  Thanks a lot, punctation marks.

A young lady (and I’m really stretching the word “lady” here) tweeted a little somethin’ somethin’ about my then bf.  The statement wasn’t particularly racy… that is, until she added the “;-)” after it.  Um, I think we all know what the wink face means. Oh no, you didn’t!  I, myself have given the ol’ wink face a time or two in my day (i.e., the neverending facebook message romance, along with my epistolary BBM love story). I KNOW what the wink face means, biotch.

Now the smiley face, that is a safer emoticon. That just means you’re happy. I’m cool with you, smiley face.  Smiley face can be used in many contexts and is even safe to use with family members. Do not over “smiley” though.  For one, no one is that happy and also, you don’t want to dilute the effect of a smiley. Use it only when you really are happy.

Kiss face (:-*), you’re nothing but trouble. Please use this one wisely.  I use it for my girlfriends who I adore madly.  It is reserved only for very special people. I’m no “kiss face slut.”  I suggest you not be one either.

Thumbs up and thumbs down, are certainly my favorites. I insert a thumbs down rather than my typical response of “ew” to texts that I don’t like.

In closing, I suggest thinking before you emoticon.  I’m not sure if that is even proper English or if, in fact, “emoticon” can be used as a verb, but that’s fine.  You get what I’m saying.  A wink face (more like a wonk face) basically put the nail in the coffin of my last relationship, so this clearly is not a subject to be taken lightly.  Use your emoticons wisely and give your thumbs a rest!


wink wink,