So, one of my young male friends often talks about how he can not capture the heart of a worthy woman in this city.  He’s no schlub, mind you, but he hasn’t quite hit his stride in his career either.  He’s also on the younger side (read: under 30) and hasn’t quite gotten all of his partying/oat sewing out just yet.

He tends to meet lots of floozies and spends his nights with drunken sorority girls and women of low caliber.  Then the next day he wakes up (usually with one of those drunken floozies) feeling empty and most likely hungover.  I scold him about these little raunchy escapades, but to no avail.  I remind him that he is probably not hanging out in places that the respectable and date worthy women frequent.

Then I read this articleby the lovely and hilarious DABA girls.  It gave me an idea.  Maybe my dear young friend should be aiming much, much higher.  If these “take home to mama” kind of girls are feeling undersexed and under-appreciated by their banker/laid off banker bf’s, maybe there is a shot for a guy like him.  He may not be bank rolling like the guys of Wall Street, but he is charming, respectful, good looking, and I’m sure has plenty of “loving” to go around.  No disrespect, DABA girls, this might just be something fun to hold you over until the next boom on Wall Street… kind of like a disco nap before a big night out or a black and white cookie before your 10:30 dinner reservation at Waverly.  See? Everybody wins! Just a thought…