I understand that some people think it might be nasty to make fun of what people are wearing, but I feel that I’m providing a public service not making fun of people.

I would never make fun of someone for something that they can not help (i.e., disability, deformity, body type).  However, wearing ugly clothes is a choice.  Nobody made you put those leggings on as pants today, did they? Didn’t think so.  It’s like littering.  If you littered, I would make fun of you too(because that’s lame and you’re lazy). Littering is a choice- just like wearing mom jeans is a choice.

In fact, I think I should be applauded rather than scolded.  Just like environmentalists who pick up litter and try to keep our planet beautiful, I also am making the world a more beautiful place- one outfit at time.

Remember Smokey the Bear? “Only you can prevent forest fires!”  Well, I say to you, “Only you can prevent ugly clothes!”