Beauty Buzz: Feeling Glossy
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My hair has never been shinier and that is all thanks to having a gloss (or glaze) put on my hair.  My hairdresser had suggested it before, but I figured it was just a way to tack on another $50 to my bill.  Well, technically it is, especially when you can now do the same treatment at home at a fraction of the price.

A gloss essentially is a shiny seal over your hair follicle that helps your color stay longer, your hair look shinier, and fends off excessive damage from styling. You can use it every time you wash your hair or once a week as a deep conditioning treatment.

Here is a great one by Frederic Fekkai. At $28 it’s a little steep, but totally worth it.  John Frieda also makes a gloss and it does the same thing for $7.89. That’s a steal!




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  • Lynne

    You’re a genius. I tried this and am obsessed. Went to Bendels and picked this up the other day. My mane has never shined so brightly.

    Comment | January 29, 2009
  • Carolina

    Since I’ve been coloring my area “down there” for the past year, I just started using this product there and has made all the difference. My significant other loves the texture and also saves on the amount of times I have to visit Louise at B&B for re-coloring. (ps. She is fabulous at what she does!)

    Comment | February 2, 2009
  • Hi Carolina,

    Very interesting that you are coloring “down there.” Is this a matter of the “carpet” matching the “drapes”? Or just something for fun? I had never thought of using a gloss on my nether regions and you may want to be careful not to harm your “girl” by using products on her.

    By the way, where is B&B? I’m sure the other readers would love to know.


    Comment | February 26, 2009

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