Red Carpet Recap: SAG Awards Red Carpet 2009

Forget the awards, let’s get to the stuff people REALLY care about… the clothes!!!

I hate when critics are too kind to celebrities just because they like them. I get it, she’s America’s sweetheart- blah, blah, blah- but that’s no reason not to tell her her dress is ugly. That’s like not telling your best friend she has spinach in her teeth! Don’t worry, I promise to hold nothing back.

So let’s start off on a good note:

SAG Awards Arrivals

I think we are all loving Ann Hathaway in this Azzaro dress. It’s classic yet contemporary at the same time. It looks great on her skin and she kept her accessories simple. My only complaint is her hair. I think in a beautiful goddess dress like this, a messy updo would have made the look complete. The neck is high and all that hair resting on the jeweled neckline makes me claustrophobic and takes away from the detail of the dress.

SAG Awards Arrivals

Ugly Betty? More like Ugly Dress.  Here is America Ferrera in Vera Wang.  This dress does nothing for me. As a matter of fact, I’m slipping into a coma as I look at it. No one should ever wear fleshy colored fabric like this. She just looks like a dirty band-aid. Not to mention her hair and makeup are on the verge of Elvira-ish. Next!

SAG Awards Arrivals

Ugh! I am SO sick of “Brangelina.” They do nothing for me.  I used to think that Angelina was so hot, but lately, I’m starting to wonder if she’s an alien. For a 34 year old young woman, she seems so much older. She no longer appears to have any sort of emotion, let alone any facial expressions.  I’m over them- and her muu-muu.

SAG Awards Arrivals

I adore Christina Applegate and she’s had a hell of a year. I’m happy to see that women are still wearing color during this tough economic climate, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  The color is really beautiful and it actually is a great color for Ms. Applegate, but there is just too much fabric. It is just not flattering on her. Not to mention, she is too short to pull off this much dress. On a brighter note, her hair looks great and her bag is divine… could have done without the necklace though. (She’s wearing Emanuel Ungaro, by the way).

SAG Awards Arrivals

Oh Emily… Why? Here is Emily Blunt in Pamella Roland.  It fits her like a glove, I’ll give her that, but I just feel like the whole sequin movement is so dated.  She looks like a Cher backup dancer. The color does nothing for her skin tone and it kind of looks like she gave up as far as hair and makeup goes after putting on that dress (which I’m sure was no small feat). I don’t think this is anything that Pam from The Office would wear. Just saying…

SAG Awards Arrivals

Evan Rachel Wood donned Monique Lhullier on the red carpet. A lot of people thought she played it safe in this and while the dress is quite simple, she didn’t have a lot of choice with that hair color. I think she chose wisely on the color of her dress, but I am horrified by the matching purple bag and purple shoes. Also, with such a strong hair color, I would have toned down the tranny makeup just a wee bit.

SAG Awards Arrivals

Typically, I am a HUGE Jenny Packham fan.  However, this is just a mango mess.  Eva Longoria is about 5’1 on a good day. This is so much dress for such a little person.  Honestly, the dress actually looks like a bad 1950’s prom dress. Then she topped it off with a true “updo.”  The dress is too fussy and the hair is too fussy.  Not to mention, this color on Eva only enhances her “enhanced” tan.

SAG Awards Arrivals

Here is Slumdog Millionaire’s Freida Pinto in Marchesa. She looks absolutely stunning. It is the perfect color for her skin and her hair style flatters the style of the dress.  Good work, Freida. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of you.

SAG Awards Insider

My winner for the evening by far, was Kate Winslet. Wearing Narcisco Rodriguez, she looked breathtaking. The color is perfect for her and the dress fits her like her own skin. It hugged her curves in all the right places. She looks elegant and sophisticated.  She hasn’t looked this good since that sexy spread in Vanity Fair.

SAG Awards Arrivals

I’m just throwing this in for sheer entertainment purposes. Here’s Nicolette Sheridan in Roberto Cavalli.  I mean, I don’t think there’s much I have to say. The pose is genius. She looks like she’s auditioning for Splash 2.

SAG Awards Arrivals

My favorite part of Benjamin Button was Taraji P. Henson.  Here she is in Herve Leroux.  This is how white is supposed to be worn.  She looks absolutely flawless.  Simple and chic. I hardly recognized her not dressed as Benjamin Button counterpart. I can’t lie, I’m kind of obsessed with this dress.

SAG Awards Arrivals

And this is how white should not be worn.  I want to love Terri Hatcher because people give her such a hard time (plus I remember her as Lois on Lois and Clark) but she always manages to do something to ruin it. This Monique Lhullier contraption is simply a pile of fabric. Terri looks like a big ol’ cream puff. The dress is not flattering nor age appropriate (sorry, Terri… you are in the cougar range). Oh, and her hair also somewhat resembles that of George Washington.

So there you have it. The good, the bad, and mostly the ugly.  Until next time…



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