After my rant last night, you would think that I would still be angry today.  Well, I am a little, but staying in a permanently bad mood would do me no good. It would simply cause stress, which causes wrinkles and you know how I feel about wrinkles.

So on my lovely commute to work today, I played one of my favorite games, “Say Something Nice About that Gross Person on the Train.”  (I just came up with that). Being shoved on the E train at 8:30 in the morning with a bunch of other grumpy people who don’t want to go to work could easily put you in a funk, but I try to avoid that negative energy.

It is very easy to find things wrong with people, trust me… So instead, I do the opposite. Rather than  saying, “Wow, chubbo, what did you eat for breakfast this morning? Your refrigerator?”, I say, “Wow, that girl has really pretty hair.”  See? Easy. I go around the train thinking of nice things about each person. By the time I get to work, I’m in very high spirits. It sounds so stupid, but it works.

Wearing pretty underwear also helps.