First of all, let me say, you are one of the baddest chicks on the block. You know how to work your curves (and have taught so many women to love their bodies), you have unbelievable confidence, and you can sing your butt off (though I wouldn’t recommend it, cause I think your male fans would be devastated). Plus, I give any woman credit who can lock a man like Jay-Z down.

However, your performance outfit last night on the World Music Awards, was personally offensive. Leggings as pants? Really? And latex ones at that? You have just set me back about 1000 years on this “don’t wear leggings as pants” campaign. Since so many women/girls look up to you, now they are going to think it is, in fact, okay to wear leggings as pants.


Granted, your boobs look great in this and your shoes are beyond sexy, but I’m sorry, leggings as pants just don’t work, especially those of the shiny descent. No matter how hard you try, latex leggings will always sag on the crotch and never flatter the rump. Had your shirt been just a bit longer to cover the crotchal region, this outfit would have been a hit.


What happened to outfits like these? Lately, you have been nothing less than a vision of feminine glamour. You’ve really grown into quite a lovely woman. You’ve come a long way from this:


And this:


So, if you could just do me a BIG favor, and stop with the leggings as pants, I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Send my love to J and the fam.



P.S. What’s with the glove?