It’s that time of year filled with lots of parties and reasons to dress up. For you ladies in warm climates, you are lucky enough not to be plagued with matching hosiery to your party dresses. You can show off your lovely gams without a second thought. Unfortunately for the girls in the North, it’s time to figure out how to coordinate that killer dress, tights, and shoes. (The naked leg this time of year in a cold climate is just seasonally inappropriate and you will look incredibly unaware).

So, my friend brought up a very interesting question today: Is it okay to wear hose/tights with open toe shoes?

Well, I think there is a “yes” and a “no” to this question. It really just depends on how you plan on wearing it.

When I would say, “No!”:

  • Nude hose. Gross. Can you say, Hooters?
  • When the shoes are very strappy and suited for Summer, don’t pair them with tights.
  • Reinforced toes. They are going to look nasty and dowdy hanging out of your shoes.

When I would say, “Yes!”:

  • You are wearing opaque TIGHTS. Black is always easiest.
  • When the shoes are merely “peep toe” and not fully open toe.
  • When you are making a fashion statement like this:open-toe

Examples of when this trend works:


When it does NOT work:



I hope this clarifies when it is appropriate to slide into your Spanx and when you better find another pair of shoes!!