Let me start off by saying I am not trying to be a hater. I think that everyone should pursue their dreams and go after what they want to do in life. But let’s be serious… can we really call this fashion?

Not only are her designs completely uninspired, but you are also paying $168 for a jersey dress that you could have bought at Forever21.  I honestly can NOT believe they allow her to show at Fashion Week. It’s a joke. Why doesn’t American Apparel have a show while they’re at it? Next thing you know she’ll be at Bryant Park.

I will give the girl credit since unlike most celebrity brands, she actually “designs” hers.  Which is pretty obvious considering it is lacking any creativity. I get that it is easy and “accessible” but that’s just it.  You could have thought this up yourself and gathered these pieces from Express. What ever happened to designers like Zac Posen and Jason Wu? Now that’s talent.

I guess if you have enough $$ anything is possible.

  • Note the repeated use of leggings as pants.

If you DO love it, you can purchase Lauren Conrad Collection at