Why Did You Wear That: …Try Try Again (the Saga Continues)

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kirsten smith blogcontinued from yesterday… 

That Friday I met one of my best girlfriends for lunch at Morandi followed by a stroll through Soho to pick out the perfect dress for my perfect first date with my dually proclaimed “perfect fit.”  My go to for a first date involving dinner is something form fitting- suggestive enough, but leaving plenty to the imagination.  It’s like dating- don’t give it all up at once.  I already had an idea in my head and found something that fit the bill fairly quickly.  When I came out of the dressing room to gain approval from my friend and anyone else I could ask, the sales associate informed me that the dress could be spun around so the opening was in front.  Sold.  I probably wouldn’t expose my midriff during a first date (shocking, coming from the queen of crop tops), but how much fun would it be to go to the bathroom and return with the dress reversed?  Answer: Very.

It had been quite some time since I’d actually cared enough to purchase something new for a dude.  Typically on a first date, I’ll strategically wear red lipstick to send the surefire signal that there is absolutely no shot in hell that his tongue will ever know what my molars feel like.  Ever.  But in this instance, he was not only worth a new dress, but also new shoes.  In my mind, it was bashert.  And sure this sounds like it’s all about to end happily ever after, but what fun would that be and I’m sorry, have we met?

A couple of hours before I was to meet my future man friend for dinner at Narcissa, my illness or antibiotics sent me into a tailspin and I knew that I was certainly in no shape to be sitting at dinner spreading germs to my fellow diners.  Besides, this also meant I should not be kissing anyone but Smitty and that was going to be far too difficult.  As to not be selfish, I called to cancel.  I was almost shocked at how understanding he was, but we spent the rest of the evening texting about our would be date.  On Saturday, he called to check on the sickling.  We talked for a while and I assured him we would see each other soon enough.

Then a funny thing happened… I didn’t hear from him again.  Turns out, New York dating is a lot like New York real estate.  You wait too long to put in an offer and someone else will scoop it up.  I haven’t decided whether I’m on or off the market again, but I suppose I’ll entertain any interesting offers.

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kirsten smith nyc night6dress: Wilfred Free, jacket: DVF, shoes: Sam Edelman, bag: Malini Murjani 



Why Did You Wear That: If At First You Don’t Succeed…

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kirsten smith whydidA few weeks ago, the day came that I declared I was finally ready, willing, and able to dip my toes back into the dating pool.  So, I did.  It was funny that once I let it be known I was going back on the market, an interested buyer presented himself.  I had met him before, but because he kept complimenting my hair, I figured he was either gay or a hairdresser, possibly both.  When I ran into him again at a theme party one fateful Friday evening, he let our mutual friend know that he would be holding me captive and we spent the rest of the night attached at the hip… or maybe his hand/my butt… logistical technicalities.  In any case,  we’d spent a fun PG night together and deemed ourselves a perfect fit.  And just like I mentioned, once I started to get exactly what I wanted, I freaked the eff out.  He wanted to hang out that Sunday, but I was busy filming How To Tuesday and being fed hot toddies downstairs at Bakehouse in an attempt to fend off the oncoming and imminent flu.  As expected, I woke up the next morning feeling as though I had swallowed an entire carton of used Bic razors.  After a trip to the doctor (who complimented my dedication to still looking presentable when I felt less than human), I was diagnosed with a case of acute pharyngitis, aka, physical hell.  That benched me for the next week with ten days worth of antibiotics.  I let interested parties (okay, party) know my verdict and though disappointed, I promised I’d be well enough to see him the next Friday.  Like any good nurse, he checked in on his patient every day until then and made me feel slightly less miserable.  When Friday finally rolled around, the anticipation was at an all time high, but most importantly, what would I wear? kirsten smith why did kirsten smith whydid kirsten smith nyc3

kirsten smith nyc7dress: Wilfred Free, jacket: Andrew Marc, similar here, bag: Alexander Wang, boots: Frye, scarf: similar here, ear cuff: similar here, necklace: similar here

To be continued… xx, WhyDid