WhyDid Wisdom: Moving Right Along…

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In my mere four years of living in New York City, I’ve lived in SIX different apartments. I’ve basically lived all the way up and down the westside.  First there was our summer sublet on 63rd and West End, followed by my first solo apartment right smack dab in the middle of Meatpacking. When I could no longer take the bottle popping noise from Wednesday through Sunday, I moved up to proper Chelsea to one of my very favorite apartments ever. Unfortunately, the owner sold it and I was back on the apartment hunt. I was, then, lucky enough to spend the next year living with one of my best college girlfriends.  At the end of that lease we both made the incredibly wise decision to move in with our significant others (sense the sarcasm?).  I moved into a beautiful apartment in Tribeca, where I lived for the past six months.  I thought this was the last stop on the train (at least for a while). I painted and decorated and made a beautiful home… and then, the fairytale turned more into a horror story.  When things crumbled for good, I again, was on the prowl for the perfect apartment.

Luckily, with the help of a couple amazing girlfriends, I managed to secure the holy grail as far as apartments for single girls in the city go. We had looked at several different apartments and felt more discouraged the more we looked.  Finally, we opened the door to the last one, and as cheesy as it sounds, we all teared up and knew this was “the one.”  So now, here I am in my new home with my loyal sidekick (my pup).  Now that the boxes are unpacked, it’s time to decorate. Feeling the need for a serious change (and not the kind that involves chopping/dying of my hair), I have decided to ditch my typical Moroccan/Bohemian look and have decided to go for “Mod Glam.”  My furniture (which I refuse to part with) is a bit modern, with clean lines, while my color scheme, pillows, and rugs suggest more of an old Hollywood glamorous feel.  Therefore, I have decided to combine them to create my very own girly space.  Below are some photos where I pulled my inspiration.

gasl_herrera_11apartment therapy44492499ccover-72091112070_EX1And while I lay awake on the morning of my move, full of anxiety… What did I do? I ordered chandeliers, of course!! I stumbled upon a website called www.gallery802.com where I was able to score TWO for under $300.

a46-370-4A46-387BLUESo while I lick my wounds and let my little broken heart heal, I will at least have a great space to sip pink champagne and gossip with the girls. Your living space can certainly make all the difference in your daily outlook. A healthy living environment means a healthy you.



P.S. I clearly consider myself a bit of a “moving expert” at this point. So, if you ever have questions or need suggestions, I’m your girl.

www.flatrate.com (highly recommend)- they may seem a bit more expensive, but it’s well worth it. I had a HORRIFIC experience with Oz Moving this go around.

Beauty Buzz: Hair Repair. 911!!

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You know I love taking vitamins and my vitamins are helpful in maintaining my long lustrous locks, but as of last week, my hair was looking mighty wonky.  I had split ends out the wazoo and my hair was feeling a bit more like straw than silk.  Emergency!!

One of my bff’s (she’s a bit of a beauty junkie and has perfect hair) told me about a new product from Paul Mitchell called Super Strong Liquid Treatment, but after searching the web and a few local hair salons, I came up empty handed.  What’s a girl to do?

I hit the local Duane Reade (which I now know is named Duane Reade because the first one ever is located on the intersection of Duane and Reade Streets in Tribeca). After looking at the $58 Kerastase conditioner, I grabbed a much cheaper version from Neutrogena at a whopping $7.98.  I figured I would probably get what I paid for… but was very pleasantly surprised.  After just one use, my ratty ends are now smooth as butta’, baby.  Phew! Crisis averted!



Why Did You Eat That: Barrio Chino

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She may be new to New York, but Miss Scene It is always able to find the real hidden gems.  She found me the perfect spot for my birthday dinner (I’ll let her tell you about that one) and always discovers fun new places to try.  Unlike me, she’s not a neighborhood snob and can be found gallivanting all over the city from the Upper East Side to Tribeca.

She’s like the modern day Christopher Columbus, sometimes stumbling upon  foreign lands on a whim.  However, she does keep some of her secret hide outs secret (good thing I’m her friend!).  Ladies and gentlemen, Miss  Scene It!!!

Even though I’m still rather new to the city, one thing I know for sure is a great place to eat. I may actually be the small 30% of girls who eat in this city. My love for Mexican food runs deep and I could probably eat it everyday for the rest of my life (sometimes I wonder if my mom didn’t have a torrid love affair with a man named Juan Carlo). So if you are looking for great atmosphere, great drinks and food, and relatively cheap eats, this is for you. I’m a little nervous to share it with you because it is my go to spot and I don’t want to increase the wait for my table. But I’m feeling generous so here goes…

Barrio Chino on the LES is a small dig with no sign on the door; you’ll know it by the Chinese lanterns hanging inside. They don’t take reservations so I suggest catching a spot early because they are always packed. Their margaritas are to die for, but beware those little guys are strong! I’m a fan of the elderflower margarita or if you are feeling a little sassy, go for the jalapeno grapefruit. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though, that sucker is spicy!

On to my favorite part, the food. Always start with the guacamole and fresh chips. I usually order the same thing on the menu and I’m kinda in love- the chorizo quesadilla. I am a girl who rarely eats red meat or anything besides fish but it combines the perfect combo of cheese and spice. Also, try the enchiladas verdes or the bistek a la casa (for all you manly  men).

You won’t walk away hungry or with a hole in your pocket. At times they are a little short on staff so service can become a bit slow (not optimal for a “quick” meal). Don’t be surprised when you become a regular after one visit.  I’ll save you a seat at the bar!



Barrio Chino

253 Broome Street (b/t Orchard and Ludlow)



WhyDid Wisdom: What “City” Are YOU Living In??

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Okay, so I just finished watching this Monday’s DVR’ed episode of The City (yes, lame, I know) and I have a few things to get off my chest.

Other than the fact that The City is basically just very well packaged air, I am a little disheartened by their depiction of what it is like to live in New York City.

First of all, the girls’ apartments in this show are ridiculous.  I believe that Olivia lives where she does (except they keep calling her an “Upper East Sider” and her apartment is actually in Tribeca) because she is clearly living on daddy’s dime.  Now, as most people who actually live in Manhattan know, there is no way on Earth, Whitney is able to afford her “Gramercy” apartment on her DVF fashion salary without either the help of her parental units or a sugar daddy.  I have friends who have worked at DVF and trust me, they do not live in massive luxury buildings in Gramercy.  Try more like a 5th floor walk up in the East Village.

And Erin?  I’m not sure what exactly she does (except that she now has some title-less job at One Management), but again… girls with entry level jobs in New York City are NOT living in apartments like hers without financial assistance.

So to people in Manhattan, we are very well aware that this show is basically B.S., but for little girls in Iowa who dream of moving to the “Big City” and pursuing a career  in fashion I feel sad.  They are getting an idea of something that is just not even close to accurate.  I get it, who the heck wants to watch Whitney squash cockroaches or ride the subway?  But that’s reality.  And isn’t The City supposed to be a “reality show”?

**Note: There was one highlight in Monday’s episode.  When model Allie asked Kelly Cutrone if she liked her outfit, Kelly replied that she hated the leggings.  Thank you, Kelly.  Your support in the “leggings are not pants” campaign is invaluable.