Setting the Mood: Labor Pains

By |September 1st, 2016|Beauty & Trends, Setting the Mood|


While Labor Day is not actually the official end of summer (I repeat, LABOR DAY IS NOT THE OFFICIAL END OF SUMMER), it sure can feel like it.  I prefer a glass half full approach to this holiday weekend- meaning, buck up, we’ve still got another three weeks of summer (fall begins on September 22nd- also known as Smitty and my father’s birthday).  However, if you are a bit more pessimistic and it’s about to be check out time at your summer share house, I understand your desire to go out with a bang.

It was a weird summer, let’s be serious.  The weather was the equivalent of most of my decision making- it didn’t know what it wanted to do.  Fortunately, we only got blasted with one intolerable heatwave and for the most part there was plenty of sun.  While the majority of my friends posted pictures from Ibiza to Istanbul, I sat on the sidelines watching enviously as I scoured the internet looking for a new home in the borough of Brooklyn.  That endeavor turned out to be about as successful as transporting a snow cone through the Sahara.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the half full or half empty camp, Labor Day is now upon us and we must prepare.  Sunglasses, swimsuits, and sunscreen, ahoy.

Setting the Mood: Who Wears the Pants?

By |July 15th, 2014|Setting the Mood|

palazzo pants patternHigh summer is probably not the time you think most of waking up, stretching those lanky limbs, and slipping into a pair of slacks.  Much to many of my friends’ chagrin, my main motive when choosing my daily attire is to cover as little as possible with the thinnest layer of fabric conceivable all without contracting a ticket for public indecency.  The caveat in all of this is my phobia of making bodily contact with many of the publicly shared spaces, ie., rash inducing velour seats of the Jitney descent or the unidentifiable, indestructible material of taxi cab cushions. Therefore, in the fear of revisiting a middle school incident of ring worm, there are times when covering up my gams is an absolute must.  Fortunately, this summer, there are plenty of pants that don’t fall under the suffocating category of denim.  Breezy wide leg pants in plenty of patterns are perfect for pairing with croptops and keeping the Center of Disease Control slightly less busy.  And really, what’s the purpose of a pants of dance of if you’ve got no pants to lose?

palazzo pants Stella McCartney Dante Cropped Printed Wide Leg PantsKate Moss for Topshop Paisley Print Wide Leg PantsMissoni Space Dyed Wool Blend Wide Leg PantsRoberto Cavalli Printed Washed Silk Wide Leg Pants