Weekend Playlist: They Say It’s Your Birthday…

By |January 19th, 2013|Weekend Playlist|

newborn babyOkay, we’ve got the dress, the accessories, and the party plans… and no party is complete without a perfect playlist.  Good thing you know me.  ‘Cause it just so happens I have a pretty sweet birthday party playlist… right here:

And you you can bet money that this is what we are listening to at this very second in time while sipping on some Kirs and applying falsies.



Weekend Playlist: I’ll Dance if I Want To

By |January 21st, 2012|Weekend Playlist|

dance partyIf you know anything about me, you know that I love a good dance party.  Um, hello?  Have you seen my “How To” videos?  You can’t learn moves like those.  Not that you really need a reason to have your own dance party, but a birthday is a pretty surefire way to get one started.  Whether it’s your birthday, your friend’s birthday, or you just enjoy dancing as much I do, here’s a great playlist to shake your limbs to.

I’ll dance if I want to.



Weekend Playlist: Katie Don’t Play That

By |November 12th, 2011|Weekend Playlist|

When I tire of listening to the same playlist over and over and over…. and.  Well, you see where I’m headed.  I turn to my dear friend, Katie (who, if you will recall, guest “dj’ed” before).  She poo poo’s my Christina and Bruno and pulls me out from my teenage pop abyss.  I mean, that’s what friends are for, right?  Listen, Katie knows her music– so, if anyone’s looking for an A&R, this is the girl.  Anyway, I asked Katie to please, please, please make me a playlist that wouldn’t make someone over the age of 16 cringe and she put together this little party:

Oh, Katie… just climbing her way to the top of the charts.



Weekend Playlist: Labor of Love

By |September 3rd, 2011|Weekend Playlist|

I was going to go ahead and continue the West Virginia theme for this weekend’s playlist, but realized that a Labor Day playlist might be much more suited.  We all work very hard, so it’s great to finally take a moment and just relax.  So enjoy that extended weekend cause you probably won’t catch another day off til Thanksgiving.

  1. The Beatles – Hard Days Night
  2. Donna Summers – She Works Hard For the Money
  3. Todd Rundgren – Bang the Drum All Day
  4. Ludacris – Moneymaker
  5. Barrett Strong – Money (That’s What I Want)
  6. Bruno Mars – Lazy Song
  7. The Offspring – Why Don’t You Get a Job
  8. Calloway – I Wanna Be Rich
  9. AC/DC – What Do You Do For Money Honey
  10. Notorious B.I.G. – Mo Money Mo Problems

I would tell you to go ahead and put your feet up… but it’s time to dance!



Weekend Playlist: British Invasion

By |April 30th, 2011|Weekend Playlist|

In honor of our British chaps who are, no doubt, partying away this weekend in celebration of their new princess this week’s playlist is a tribute to British artists and bands (and yes, I purposely left off The Beatles- chill out).

  1. Joss Stone- Free Me
  2. Franz Ferdinand- Take Me Out
  3. Elton John- Rocket Man
  4. Muse- Uprising
  5. Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here
  6. Goldfrapp- Ooh La La
  7. Basement Jaxx- Romeo
  8. David Bowie- Let’s Dance
  9. Seal- Crazy
  10. The Rolling Stones- Paint It Black






Photo via John Seabury