Weekend Playlist: Let It Burn

By |February 9th, 2014|Weekend Playlist|

running legsYou know the hardest part about going to the gym? Going to the gym. It’s amazing all the tiny tasks that I’ve neglected doing up until it’s time to make my way to the treadmill. Oh that stack of magazines I’ve yet to read? They must be sorted through before I could possibly go to the gym. All that paper has gotta be a fire hazard. I probably should clean out the fridge too.

However, once I’m actually at the gym or have just completed a thorough sweat session, I’m more than happy I went. Even happier when my pants aren’t sausage wrappers. It’s like my dad says, “What do exercise and hitting yourself in the head with a hammer have in common? They both feel good when you stop.” One great way to get you through the burn is a playlist that tricks you into believing you’re bumping elbows with Beyoncé, not the meathead bro-ing out with barbells. I’ve shared my running playlist before and Jenn was kind enough to bestow us with a few of her favorites, but much like your workout routine- it’s always good to switch things up. Here’s what I’m currently feeling the burn and burning the calories to:

Sweat looks good on you.



Weekend Playlist: Make a Run For It

By |May 19th, 2012|Weekend Playlist|

ipod running playlistAfter a truly bullshitty day, a head clearing, sweat inducing run is one of the only things (other than a cool glass of wine) that helps me to unwind.  And rather than lay day on the Dr.’s couch and spill all my problems, I run.  Running is my therapy.  While it may not be as medically effective, it’s a lot cheaper.  Plus, when did you ever lose weight laying on a couch?

My highschool gym teacher is scoffing somewhere.  I did, afterall, convince her that crunches were only making my stomach bigger.  So, the thought of me exerting myself voluntarily is probably mind boggling.  I am well aware that 90% of the population would probably rather push a burning boulder of poo up a hill both ways before running… on purpose.  The hardest part of running is putting on your sneakers and hitting the pavement (or treadmill).  I certainly can’t make that part any easier, but a booty shaking playlist will most certainly help (and that I can do).

And yes, there is a little Bieber in the mix.  If that’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right.