Friday Frocks: Flip It & Reverse It

By |June 6th, 2014|Friday Frocks, Why Did You Wear That?|

Not only are double duty beauty products helpful for packing, so are dresses that are multifunctional and able to be worn in more than one way. Whether it’s a maxi dress that moonlights as a skirt or a frock that’s altogether reversible, having options that take up half the space are magic in and of themselves.  So, pack light, put your thing down, flip it, and reverse it.

multi-way-dresses1. The Lady & The Sailor Convertible Double Layer Dress, 2. Rachel Pally Pally High Waist Convertible Skirt, 3. Ramy Brook Jamie Convertible TopDress, 4. Young Fabulous & Broke Bangal Convertible Maxi Dress, 5. James & Joy Mina Convertible Dress, 6. Tbags Los Angeles Convertible Maxi Dress with Necklace, 7. Bec & Bridge Wisteria Reversible Dress, 8. findersKEEPERS Inner Light Reversible Dress, 9. Bec & Bridge Spotted Cub Reversible Dress, 10. Camilla and Marc Reversible Recursion Dress