Why Did You Wear That: Sand Skating?

By |January 11th, 2014|Personal Style, Why Did You Wear That?|

kirsten smithSpeaking of skating… I’ve skated right through two of the east coast’s coldest months by hiding out in California.  While there have been more than a couple of bikini clad Instagram photos, to be fair the temperature does dip below 70 when the sun goes down, but those sherbert sunsets never get old.  I’ve made it my duty to watch them nightly because not one is ever the same and not one can ever be done justice by an iPhone photo- though Lord knows I’ve tried.

Speaking of aesthetic strife, no one can ever say I’m not resourceful. Yet again I’ve survived with a mere carry-on suitcase’s worth of clothing for the last eight weeks.  (California must have that effect on me).   Luckily, black and grey go with everything and I inherited some thread barren t-shirts that my dad was just about to relegate to cleaning rags.  To say my dad is stable would be an understatement.  If you need someone to put on your “in case of emergency” contacts, he’s the one.  For instance, there’s a pair of sneakers I bought while visiting him maybe my sophomore year of college that have made it through five or so moves and always manage to reappear in “my room” whenever I visit.  The deal with these shoes is that I made the rookie mistake of buying them half a size too small because they didn’t have my actual size of 7 1/2 and I just HAD to have them.  I continue to make the rookie mistake of thinking that maybe they fit now… as if my feet have shrunk with age.  All’s good and well for a few, but about 15 minutes into wearing them, I feel as though I’m partaking in the ancient ritual of feet binding.

Full circle?  There’s a trail near my dad’s house where my mini sneakers abide and where I relish in the pastel skies on a nearly nightly basis.  As I’ve  traversed this trail, I’ve been mesmerized by these things that I incorrectly call sand dunes.  Since I can’t really describe them (let alone identify them), I figured it was the perfect place to pose.  So, Smitty, my own personal mountain goat (one of the memes my brother introduced me to) and I trotted up the trail in my tiny toe crushing shoes for this post.  (Told you a skater skirt would look stellar with a crop top).

kirsten smith

kirsten smith

kirsten smith

over the knee socks

kirsten smithjacket: (similar here), top: Splendid (similar here), skirt: H&M (similar here), socks: StockinGirl (similar here), shoes: Converse (similar here – good job, Dick… these are apparently rare), bag: Balenciaga, necklace: no clue (similar here), dog: Smitty

I soaked my feet for an hour afterwards.