Why Did You Wear That: In the Bag

By |April 8th, 2009|Why Did You Wear That?|


When my boyfriend and I first started dating, he was bewildered by the contents of my handbag.  I had everything from lipgloss to 3-D glasses to a toothbrush to a Michelangelo Ninja Turtle action figure.  I was like a boyscout, ready for anything.  My bag weighed about a ton, but I had everything I needed.

Every girl should have a few certain essentials in her bag (Okay, maybe you don’t need the 3-D glasses, but they did come in handy one Saturday morning while watching I Love the 80’s). Here’s a list of some items that should be stashed in your bag:

  • Mini hairbrush/comb (I have a comb because I like to back comb my hair)
  • Nail polish remover. Better to have plain nails than chipped nails.
  • Travel toothbrush and mini toothpaste. No one likes dragon breath.
  • Clear nail polish. Double duty- for those nails of yours and also for snags in stockings.
  • Mini bottle of lotion. No one likes dragon skin either. *Bonus- Multi-purpose oil.
  • Double sided tape. Trust me.
  • Spare bobby pins and rubber bands. Any bad hair day can be saved with the proper equipment.
  • Lip gloss. Rosebud Salve. Can be used on lips, cuticles, and cheeks for shimmer.
  • And for really seriously bad  hair days, a mini flat iron.


Of course having a bag that can house all of your emergency goodies is half the battle.  The best (most functional) bag I have ever owned is my Elezar Morgan Bag.  It has plenty of pockets and nooks and crannies to store everything. It is also large enough to carry a laptop in! (Oh, and it’s really freaking cute).

These items are small so they shouldn’t make your bag too heavy. Remember to clean out your bag every once in a while to get rid of any unnecessary junk you’ve accumulated.  And hey, a heavy bag is like an extra workout. Just switch shoulders from time to time in order to avoid getting a wonky gangsta lean.