Why Did You Wear That: You Com-Pleat Me

By |November 23rd, 2010|Celebrity Style, Personal Style, Why Did You Wear That?|

I can’t lie, the lovely Ms. Fox inspired this post. I have had a pair of slouchy pleated pants hanging in my closet for a few months now and every time I put them on, I felt a bit more Ellen Degeneres than Megan Fox. After seeing how hot a pair of simple slacks could look, I was inspired to try again.  A slouchy pleated pant is a great alternative to jeans, leggings, and your regular dress/work slacks. Here are some great pleated options for you to try out as well:

Stella McCartney Pleated Cropped Pants, $595

Bird by Juicy Couture Carrot Silhouette Trousers, $328

Myne Tamara Pants, $210

Something Else by Natalie Wood Slouchy Pleat Front Pants, $117

American Apparel Linen High Waist Pleated Pants, $75

Silence and Noise Pleated Ankle Roll Pant, $58

Charlotte Russe Cropped Pleated Slouchy Pants, $29.50



Why Did You Wear That: Everything’s Coming Up Roses

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On a gorgeous NY day like today (82 degrees and about 536% humidity), I feel like we need a little brightening up of our wardrobes. One of the fastest ways to bring a little sunshine into your life is by dressing yourself in something floral. Flowers always make me think of warm weather, butterflies, and rainbows (okay, maybe not that much… but you get where I’m headed).  In a world full of black and grey, why not be you very own ray of sunshine?  Be sure to anchor your pretty pattern with solids. No need to overwhelm. Don’t want any weeds in your glorious garden.

Picture 1Topshop Vintage Floral Skirt, $65

9764__1-detailMyne Silk Floral Skirt, $207

tornb2042817393_p3_v1_m56577569831937014_254x500Torn by Ronny Kobo Sophia Floral Dress, $173

Picture 2Blu Moon Summer Lovin Floral Dress, $175

eqzoom85.msTorn floral tank, $55.80

(another intern-less photo).


In a world full of chaos… take some time to stop and smell the roses.