Why Did You Wear That: Stop Traffic

kirsten smith nycOkay, let’s be serious, I’ve never been accused of being the type of beauty who could stop traffic, but it was fun to pretend.  And sometimes, a pair of fabulous shoes and leather shorts are all it really takes to get the brakes pumping.   I love the contrast of pairing rocker like leather shorts with a clean tailored white blouse.  The contradictions continue with the styling of hair in a tousled top knot and strapping on studded sandals.  You may not stop traffic, per se, but you’re sure to turn a few heads.

studded sandals top knot

new york city graffiti

whydid 8th avenue graffiti

nyc street artsunglasses: Ray Ban Wayfarer, shirt: American Apparel, shorts: (similar here), sandals: (similar pricey, similar purse friendly), bag: Balenciaga

 Remember to look both ways before crossing the street.



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Why Did You Wear That: Trail Blazers

You may only associate the blazer as a piece of clothing worn by uptight businessmen and those ladies who wear white sneakers on their commute to work, but I’d like to let you in on a little style secret.  The blazer is far less boring and uptight than you think it is.  As a matter of fact, a blazer can go great for a laid back weekend running errands or a night out on the town with your girlfriends.  Check out how Heidi, Miranda, and Blake all incorporated this style staple into their wardrobes this week:

1. Forever 21 Open Front Blazer, $28.90, 2. Genetic Denim The Shane Skinny Jeans, $69.74, 3. Charlotte Russe Raised Knit Beret, $9.50, 4. bebe 2b Multicolor Zebra Scarf, $15.95, 5. Nike Air Jordan Alpha 1 iD

1. BCBG Black Woven Stretch Kana Boyfriend Blazer, $125, 2. American Apparel Unisex Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-shirt, $18, 3. Free People Rocker Vegan Leather Shorts, $98, 4. Forever 21 Sunglasses, $5.80, 5. The Limited Sheer Tights, $16.90, 6. BCBG Falla Buckle Ankle Boots, $142.49

1. Forever 21 Cropped Front Drape Blazer, $29.80, 2. Charlotte Russe Mesh Cutout Bodycon Dress, $29.99, 3. Kate Spade Mint Julep Ring, $78, 4. Topshop Black 120 Denier Opaque Tights, $16, 5. Vince Camuto Jordy Bootie, $139

Time to take the blazer from the cubicle to the cluuuuuurb.





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Why Did You Eat That: Can I have a Peace?
Written by: WhyDid | Why Did You Eat That?

I have had a love/hate (mostly hate) with Los Angeles for the past seven months. Between the traffic, the inflated egos, and plastic appearances, it’s been a tough adjustment for me. Though, I must say the weather here is insane and certainly does make up for what the city lacks in other areas.  One of my biggest gripes has been finding a great restaurant that isn’t too trendy and sceney (read: tacky), has great ambience, and actually has delicious food.

This past Friday we went to Pace in Laurel Canyon.  I had never heard of it and probably wouldn’t have even noticed it driving by if it hadn’t been pointed out. I was confused at first because I thought we were heading into the local market that is attached to the restaurant (am I a cheap date?), but was relieved when we walked into the outdoor terrace of the restaurant and then inside.

Immediately, I felt as if we had left Los Angeles altogether.  The decor was warm and cozy.  I’ve never been to Spain, but we could have easily been there (in my head at least).  The clientele was attractive, but unassuming and I knew we were in for a treat when I smelled the truffle mac and cheese that was a special for the evening.  We were seated at a table in the corner and I was elated to see a glass on the table with crayons in it.  Yes, things like that score big with me.  Another special we tried was an avocado stuffed with fresh crab that I could have happily spent the rest of my days eating as my only meal.  One of the best parts about the restaurant is that the food is all from local farmers and vendors so it is fresh and that absolutely comes through in your meal.  While this was absolutely not a “cheap date” we left feeling like we had actually gotten what we’d paid for.  The food was worth every penny. Did I mention the warm chocolate cake?

For a dinner at Pace, I would suggest something elegantly dressed down.  This is not the place to pour yourself into a Herve bandage dress.  I don’t suggest looking like you just rolled out of bed, but think “Oh this? I just threw something on.”

Clockwise: Brian Atwood Studded Multicolor Cutout Pump, $790, Equipment Signature Blouse, $188, Sparkle and Fade Leather Shorts, $128, Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag, $412.50, Lilly Pulitzer Basket Case Bangle, $58, Lauren by Ralph Lauren 20 Set Delicate Bangles, $68

Peace out.



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Why Did You Wear That: Skin in the Game
Written by: WhyDid | Why Did You Wear That?

sandyThere’s nothing like a little black leather to toughen up even the girliest of girls (Um, ever see Grease? Exhibit A, Sandra Dee). Anyway, if you’re sick of the typical (and oh so predictable) leather jacket and you aren’t feeling brazen enough for leather hot pants, here are a few alternatives for wearing this season’s hottest (second) skin.

Screen shot 2010-09-21 at 2.32.41 PMDiane von Furstenberg Tiered Leather Skirt, $625

yfbaa2026812867_p1_v1_m56577569832029275_254x500Young Fabulous and Broke Dominique Leather Romper, $440

Screen shot 2010-09-21 at 2.26.00 PMJoie Paper Leather Shorts, $378

Screen shot 2010-09-21 at 2.47.31 PMVictoria’s Secret Leather Legging, $208 (you’re very welcome for that one)

mason2013112867_p1_v1_m56577569831987035_254x500Mason by Michelle Mason Asymmetrical Dress, $692

Now keep your filthy paws off my silky drawers.



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