Why Did You Wear That: Skin in the Game

sandyThere’s nothing like a little black leather to toughen up even the girliest of girls (Um, ever see Grease? Exhibit A, Sandra Dee). Anyway, if you’re sick of the typical (and oh so predictable) leather jacket and you aren’t feeling brazen enough for leather hot pants, here are a few alternatives for wearing this season’s hottest (second) skin.

Screen shot 2010-09-21 at 2.32.41 PMDiane von Furstenberg Tiered Leather Skirt, $625

yfbaa2026812867_p1_v1_m56577569832029275_254x500Young Fabulous and Broke Dominique Leather Romper, $440

Screen shot 2010-09-21 at 2.26.00 PMJoie Paper Leather Shorts, $378

Screen shot 2010-09-21 at 2.47.31 PMVictoria’s Secret Leather Legging, $208 (you’re very welcome for that one)

mason2013112867_p1_v1_m56577569831987035_254x500Mason by Michelle Mason Asymmetrical Dress, $692

Now keep your filthy paws off my silky drawers.



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  1. […] can be brought into your wardrobe to give a little bit of girly sexy appeal. This particular trend looks great with leather to give that “sugar and spice” feel. Don’t deck yourself out head to toe. […]

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