Why Did or Why Don’t: Fuzzy Was He?

By |January 8th, 2014|Why Did or Why Don't?, Why Did You Wear That?|

muppets most wantedI’m not actually sure if I remember, but know I definitely did not participate in this trend the first go round.  I, for sure, had a few angora sweaters (cropped and otherwise) back in the day, but as for this especially fuzzy sweater trend, I have no recollection.  That might lead one to believe that it’s “new” but for one we all know that nothing is truly “new” and the fact that many of these styles have been labeled as “retro” I’m led to believe that perhaps I passed into a temporary coma for the fifteen minutes in the 90’s that these sweaters stole the stage.  Having seen more than a few late teen/early twenty year olds sport the trend leads me to believe we are going to have to decide whether to love it or leave it like the Muppets left Manhattan.

fuzzy sweaters1. Stella McCartney Bryce Mohair Blend Faux Fur Coat, 2. Glamorous Fuzzy Open Front Cardigan, 3. Y.A.S. Sally Cardigan, 4. Forever 21 Retro Shag Sweater, 5. Pins and Needles Fuzzy Open Front Cardigan, 6. H&M Fluffy Cardigan, 7. Karl Donoghue Shearling Coat, 8. Sparkle & Fade Fuzzy Leopard Cardigan, 9. Forever 21 Retro Sweet Sweater, 10. Faith Connexion Kaglan Sleeveless Sweater




Setting the Mood: Vortex- The Escape

By |January 6th, 2014|Setting the Mood|

winter inspiration boardHappy Monday– and welcome, polar vortex.    While literal deadly cold temperature descend on most of the country, the west coast seems to have been spared.  So, I’ll leave out the fact that I’m writing this in my sports bra with the sliding glass doors open ’cause that would just be cruel.  Speaking of complete and utter sadism, forcing one to leave the toasty confines of his or her home just to enter a few numbers in an excel sheet and return banal emails seems completely unreasonable.  Sadly, not all executives share my exemplary work ethic and therefore many of you have braved the vortex bundled in winter’s bulkiest wares.  And while you may think there’s no other way to survive such flesh freezing temperatures without resembling that of the Michelin Man in said puffer coat and Uggs, it is actually possible to look wonderful in a environment resembling less than a storybook Winter Wonderland.

fur accessoriesKarl Donoghue Belted Shearling Trimmed Leather Coat, Gucci Rabbit and Leather Earmuffs, Eugenia Kim Elodie Rabbit Gloves, Lanvin Asiatic Raccoon One Sleeve Stole

See ya when it’s over. xx, WhyDid

Setting the Mood: September Issues

By |August 19th, 2013|Setting the Mood|

september issuesPride cometh before a fall… and so does summer.  About a week ago, the weather started to change.  There was a slight shift in the air and in that moment, I knew:  fall was fast approaching. Sure, I’ve worked hard so as to be able to wear the least amount of clothing possible without offending anyone’s eyeballs, but I do love nothing more than a cozy cashmere scarf, slouchy suede boots, and slipping into a warm wool coat.  The fall brings with it thoughts of coupling up, nights by the fireplace, and the return of everyone back to the city after a summer in the Hamptons.  Tans start to fade, rooftops close, and pedicures become less necessary, but there is something magical in the autumn air.

Burberry Brit Leather Sleeved Jersey Sweatshirt, Christopher Kane Floral Print Modal and Cashmere Blend Scarf, Karl Donoghue Chunky Knit Wool and Shearling Beanie Hat, Fiorentini & Baker Eternity Suede Biker Boots