Setting the Mood: The Hunt for Halloween

By |October 28th, 2014|Setting the Mood|

high fashion halloweenAs I sit here sorting out the sordid details for this upcoming Friday with friends amidst racking my brain for costume ideas that will prevent me from running around the city like a true life Halloween nightmare come Friday afternoon, it occurs to me that I have a real love/hate relationship with this so called “holiday.”  While I love any excuse to dress up, craft a costume, and execute a theme,  I loathe the overall emphasis placed on one sole evening.  The sheer amount of pressure put upon crafting a costume that’s sexy but not slutty, creative but not crass, timeless but not trite can be downright daunting.  Not to mention that the past several years for me have been the equivalent to not having a midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve (something I’m also all too familiar with).  Last year, instead of spending the morning doing squats in anticipation of squeezing myself into spandex, I had a rather disruptive row with my then beau, but I probably did burn a few calories dodging inanimate objects and the crying left me looking like the walking dead.  The year before that I had gotten dressed and even made it out the door before deciding to ditch after having spent twenty minutes in the unseasonable cold trying to catch a cab.  And the year prior, I doused myself in fake blood to freak out the four trick or treaters who actually bothered to show up at our Silicon Valley doorstep.  That’s why this year, rather than gunning for the blue ribbon for best in show, I’ll relegate the heavy lifting to creative accessories because heaven knows I own enough leotards, legwear, and lofty ideas to do just that.  So, if you, too, are looking to avoid dropping dough on costumery crafted from potentially flammable fabric, try accenting something simple with bold accessories in the form of headbands, hats, or handbags.  You could always make your very own lace bunny/cat/mouse ears (DIY tutorial here).

halloween fashion hair

Erickson Beamon Stratosphere Ruthenium Plated Swarovski Crystal and Faux Pearl Hair Slides, $595, House of Holland The Bag of Tricks, $320Piers Atkinson Bitten Cherries Crystal Embellished Headband $590Jennifer Behr Floral Silk Lace Mask, $675




Setting the Mood: Musical Chairs

By |April 7th, 2014|Setting the Mood|

coachella-fashionIn case your Instagram, Facebook or group chat has not yet been inundated with updates regarding the southern California music festival known as Coachella, brace yourselves… because from Thursday on, you will see nothing but one post after the next regarding this outdoor bohemian booze fest.  While it seems feelings are mixed in my social circle, one Bullett writer has some pretty strong feelings about the festival and I can’t say I totally disagree.  There’s a reason I’ve never actually accepted casual invitations to attend.  I have a hard enough time watching panhandlers perform in an overcrowded subway car.  Spending several days sweating in the desert with 90,000 other overly dehydrated, underdeodorized strangers is a variation of my own personal hell.

I’d need a heavy dosage of CBD oil for anxiety to keep my anxiety at bay, but if attending a more commercialized Woodstock is your cup of kombucha, you’re going to need to get music fest ready.  The only thing more important than securing somewhere to shower other than the community bathrooms and scoring invites to all of the VIP pool parties is packing just the right pieces to have you looking carefree but not costumed.

coachella House of Holland Peggy Striped Round Acetate SunglassesMexicana Klak Embroidered Distressed Leather Ankle BootsVineet Bahl Embroidered Printed Chiffon JacketSensi Studio Toquilla Straw Panama Hat







Why Did You Wear That: Lean, Mean, Teen Machines

By |August 12th, 2013|Red Carpet Recap, Why Did You Wear That?|

Anna Camp in Emilio Pucci, Nelly, JWow

If you weren’t wearing leather or a crop top last night, you weren’t at the Teen Choice Awards.  Yes, apparently award season has begun, yet again (did it ever end?), starting off with this year’s Teen Choice Awards.  I didn’t actually watch it because, A). I didn’t even know it was happening and B). I was busy holding court on my rooftop with my newlywed best friend and her happy husband.  However, I do love a red carpet recap, so I have taken the liberty of sorting through some of last night’s looks for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure).

Don’t worry, I don’t know who half of these people are either.  I’d most likely have more luck identifying rare South American rainforest fauna.  Yet, I don’t struggle in the least when it comes to spotting the good, the green, and the obscenely ridiculous looks of the red carpet.  Whether you love or loathe crop tops- they’re happening and though it may still be mid-summer, you’d be better off looking for a pair of leather pants (and potentially bra top) for fall.  Green in all hues was the color of the carpet though it didn’t necessarily result in envy.  Nelly, Sandra, and Kerry may have been the only attendees over the age of 30, but these teen queens are all but bursting at the seams to show off their fashion chops pushing all boundaries. (more…)