Setting the Mood: It Was All a Dream

By |June 24th, 2013|Setting the Mood|

This past weekend marked the official beginning of summer as well that whole super moon phenomenon.  Busy weekend, eh, Mother Nature?  If you’re less of a recluse than I, you may have found yourself celebrating a little something called Midsummer.  Now, I’m not sure why exactly it would be considered “midsummer” if it is, in fact, the first official day of summer or summer solstice.  I’m not here to be the fun police though, so whatever the case may be, I like what they’re selling and I’ll buy it.  There is no better time to deem yourself a gypsy or child of the flowers by adding some floral accessories to your tiny tanks and flowing skirts.  Grab your flower crowns, girls (or make one like I did) and start shimmying.  It’s officially summertime, ya’ll.

flower accessories1. tuleste market Large Flower Necklace, 2. Heidi London Round Floral Sunglasses, 3. Rebecca Minkoff Floral Mini MAC Bag, 4. Large Flower Crown Headwrap, 5. Jacquie Aiche Diamond Flower Ring

Don’t wake me up.



Friday Frocks: Festival Ready

By |April 12th, 2013|Friday Frocks|

bohemianWhether you’re planning on getting down and dirty at a music festival or just bopping around town running errands this weekend, there is no better time than now to channel your inner Stevie Nicks.  You know she’s been itching to get out.  The look is effortlessly feminine with just a little bit of edge.  Take it easy with the footwear, opting for flat sandals or suede booties and leave hair loose and tousled.  Layer long necklaces and don’t be afraid to load on the bangles.

dresses for coachella1. Free People Love Bird Dress, 2.Forever 21 Floral Lace Strapless Hi Lo Dress, 3. Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Reversible Plunging Neckline Dress, 4. Vanessa Bruno Printed Silk Georgette Dress, 5. Young Fabulous & Broke Dalls Drizzle Stripe Dress, 6. MINKPINK Bohemian Mini Dress, 7. Skaist-Taylor Sydney Beaded Cotton Gauze Dress, 8. Ecote Knit Halter Maxi Dress, 9. Urban Renewal Drop Waist Knit Dress, 10. Forever 21 Boho Lace Dress (ditch the belt)

Lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice… and it all comes down to you.



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Why Did You Wear That: What You See is What You Get

By |July 27th, 2010|Personal Style, Why Did You Wear That?|


Do you remember playing peek-a-boo as a child? Oh, the olden days. When things were so much simpler and there was far less bullshit to deal with on a day to day basis. Sigh. Well, I’ve been channeling my inner five year old and decided that playing a little game of peek-a-boo with your clothing isn’t such a bad idea. I love unexpected sexy, but please take this one with caution and follow my suggestions explicitly. This is something that can go terribly awry and have you looking like a Jersey Shore reject if executed improperly. I’m loving sheer slouchy see through t’s as a comfy, yet sexy top with jeans. The trick is to pair it with a cropped cami or matching (tonal) bralette and keep it covered up on the bottom half.

Picture 1Co-op Barney’s New York sheer T-shirt, $118

Picture 1Alternative Apparel Sheer Silk Scoopneck T, $50

Picture 2Kain Modal/Silk Sheer Tee, $88

GYPS-WS46_V1GYPSY 05 Angali Circle V Tee, $143

32502-2T32 Flavors by YFB oversized drape T, $70

serve.aspAmerican Apparel see thru short sleeve T, $26

And my shining take on the look:





So don’t be afraid to give a little peek, but don’t give it all away like a live peep show.