Why Did You Eat That: Barrio Chino

By |March 7th, 2009|Guest Blogger, New York, Why Did You Eat That?|

She may be new to New York, but Miss Scene It is always able to find the real hidden gems.  She found me the perfect spot for my birthday dinner (I’ll let her tell you about that one) and always discovers fun new places to try.  Unlike me, she’s not a neighborhood snob and can be found gallivanting all over the city from the Upper East Side to Tribeca.

She’s like the modern day Christopher Columbus, sometimes stumbling upon  foreign lands on a whim.  However, she does keep some of her secret hide outs secret (good thing I’m her friend!).  Ladies and gentlemen, Miss  Scene It!!!

Even though I’m still rather new to the city, one thing I know for sure is a great place to eat. I may actually be the small 30% of girls who eat in this city. My love for Mexican food runs deep and I could probably eat it everyday for the rest of my life (sometimes I wonder if my mom didn’t have a torrid love affair with a man named Juan Carlo). So if you are looking for great atmosphere, great drinks and food, and relatively cheap eats, this is for you. I’m a little nervous to share it with you because it is my go to spot and I don’t want to increase the wait for my table. But I’m feeling generous so here goes…

Barrio Chino on the LES is a small dig with no sign on the door; you’ll know it by the Chinese lanterns hanging inside. They don’t take reservations so I suggest catching a spot early because they are always packed. Their margaritas are to die for, but beware those little guys are strong! I’m a fan of the elderflower margarita or if you are feeling a little sassy, go for the jalapeno grapefruit. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though, that sucker is spicy!

On to my favorite part, the food. Always start with the guacamole and fresh chips. I usually order the same thing on the menu and I’m kinda in love- the chorizo quesadilla. I am a girl who rarely eats red meat or anything besides fish but it combines the perfect combo of cheese and spice. Also, try the enchiladas verdes or the bistek a la casa (for all you manly  men).

You won’t walk away hungry or with a hole in your pocket. At times they are a little short on staff so service can become a bit slow (not optimal for a “quick” meal). Don’t be surprised when you become a regular after one visit.  I’ll save you a seat at the bar!



Barrio Chino

253 Broome Street (b/t Orchard and Ludlow)