Why Did You Wear That: Chain Gang

By |February 19th, 2014|Why Did You Wear That?|

gold chainsThe saying is “less is more” but in some cases- like jewelry- without a doubt, more is more.  We’ve double decked out our fingers.  We’ve stacked our wrists.  (I still refuse to use the term “arm party” as it gives me indigestion just typing it).  And I’ve been layering delicate necklaces for quite some time, but just recently stepped up my game by piling on bulky chains in varying lengths and metals to create a look that would make even 2 Chainz envious.

gold necklaces


1. Linda Lee Johnson Diamond Isabel Link Necklace, 2. Lucifer Vir Honestus Rose Gold Small Naif Chain Necklace, 3. Luv Aj The G Chain Necklace, 4. Kenneth Jay Lane Double Layer Chain Necklace, 5. Maison Martin Margiela Chain Necklace, 6. Adia Kibur Link Necklace, 7. Venessa Arizaga Sunset Necklace, 8. Irene Neuwirth Diamond Collection Diamond Chain Link Necklace, 9. Gemma Redux Offset Lapis Stone Necklace, 10. Fallon Jewelry Classique Bib Necklace

So start layering ’em on because if two chains are good, four have got to be better.




Why Did You Wear That: Cocktail Hour

By |December 31st, 2013|Why Did You Wear That?|

nail art ringsThe one garnish certain to undoubtedly make a drink that much more chic with each clink of the glass is one that you bring to the party yourself.  No, you aren’t going to tote a jar of bleu cheese stuffed olives in your Prada to the next party.  This garnish is right at your fingertips… well, really just your fingers.  The fastest way to add extra bling is by slipping on a cocktail ring while sipping on a cocktail or two.  Originally made popular during the prohibition era as a kind of flamboyant “eff you”, the cocktail ring later became popular with single ladies who wore giant jewels on their right ring fingers as a sign of independence.  Being a woman looking forward to planting a kiss on no one other than her pooch this year, I like the idea of a cocktail ring in that context.  But whether you’re single or attached, there’s nothing wrong with adding an extra rock for cocktail hour.

rings cocktail hour1. Bijoux Heart La Terr D’Or Gold Plated Swarovski Crystal Ring, 2. Elizabeth and James Northern Star Cabochon Ring, 3. IPPOLITA Mother of Pearl Clear Quartz and Sterling Ring, 4. Gemma Redux Mood Ring, 5. Vanessa Mooney The Purple Haze Ring, 6. Anita Ko 18 Karat Gold Diamond Ring, 7. Kelly Wearstler Myra Ring, 8. Scott Kay Recessed Cross Ring, 9. Maison Martin Margiela Double Faux Diamond Ring, 10. AERIN Erickson Beamon Gemstone Cocktail Ring, 11. Alexis Bittar Mirrored Citrine Ring, 12. Gurhan Pandora Hammered 24 Karat Gold Amethyst Ring, 13. Monserat De Lucca Drunk Sober Ring, 14. Jade Jagger Diamond Disco Ball Ring, 15. Jacquie Aiche Moonstone Diamond and 14 Karat Rose Gold Ring, 16. Lanvin Borneo Gunmetal Tone Swarovski Crystal Ring