Why Did You Wear That: Almost.

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kirsten smith nycYesterday was the first day in a long time that I didn’t have to wear a coat, but a jacket instead.  The thermostat skyrocketed to an unbelievable sixty one degrees although it still felt a little frosty west by the water.  And while skin started to show and our bodies but not hearts began to thaw, it wasn’t quite warm enough to convince me that spring is really on the way.  Restaurants weren’t the slightest bit hesitant about setting up their outdoor seating to capitalize on the overzealous weather revelers.  I even joined friends for rooftop cocktails at Soho House to celebrate (and photobooth foolery followed).  And while we do have only a week left of winter an entire extra hour of sun,  at some point it still does go down.

kirsten smith


kirsten smith


kirsten smith

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Why Did You Wear That: Laundry Day

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kirsten smith doing laundry

There are so many things I love about living in Manhattan: grocery delivery, all night diners, cabs on every corner.  Things that make life so much more convenient that at times you begin to wonder how you ever lived without them.  However, there is one small thing that isn’t always such a cinch.  That dreaded thing happens to be laundry.  Granted, no one enjoys doing laundry, but in New York, if you aren’t fortunate enough to have an in apartment washer and dryer, you are left with one of two choices.  Send your laundry out and allow a stranger to manhandle your unmentionables (not to mention allowing said stranger to discern what does and does not belong in the dryer) or do your laundry yourself.  The latter would require you to sit and sweat while your socks hit the spin cycle.  It’s not like you could leave your beloved laundry in fear of someone stealing it… or dumping it out to access the dryer for themselves.  So, this past weekend, I chose the somewhat lesser of two evils (I needed my underwear STAT and Little J’s couldn’t launder me til Monday).  Making the best of things and not having anything left to wear, I played a little game of dress up and sported my very last pair of striped socks with a floral frock and floral sandals.  Hey, you never know what kind of cutie might be sudsing up his stuff in the next machine…

washing machines

doing laundry

folding laundry

floral dress and shoesdress: Forever21 (similar here), shoes: Nordstrom Rack (similar here), socks: your guess is as good as mine (try these)

Fluff n’ fold.



Seeting the Mood: Flower Power

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flower mood boardAre we done?  Are we done with those April showers?  Cause you’ve been awfully temperamental this year, Ms. Nature.  I don’t really know what your problem is, but it’s May and you promised flowers.  And I’m going to hold you to that.

What girl doesn’t like receiving or at least admiring fresh flowers?  The answer is a cold hearted one.  Remember when Lady Malks, taught us what our favorite flowers said about us?  I think there’s a lot to be said about your taste in flora and fauna.  Granted, I’ve rarely met a flower I didn’t like.  Although there are a few flowers that I just can not (will not) tolerate.  Carnations and gerber daisies – the cantaloupe of flowers.  Why don’t you just send me an Edible Arrangement?

Well, anyway, flowers aren’t just for sniffing anymore.  This year, there’s a plethora of ways to wear your florals, having you looking fresh as a flower (not a daisy).

floral clothing accessoriesshorts: Citizens of Humanity Chloe High Waist Cut Off Shorts, $172, chair: Anthropologie Blythe Chair, $1,598, dress: Lipsy Simple Floral Dress, $99.98, shoes: Steve Madden Winonna Wedge Sandal, $99.95



Friday Frocks: Stop and Smell the Roses

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This spring, fashionistas have been going crazy for floral printed frocks.  I know what you’re thinking, the last time floral prints were in was when Kelly and Donna were graduating from West Beverly High.  What could possibly be chic about decking yourself out in fussy flowers?  Well, actually a lot.  Floral patterns have come a long way from the mid nineties.  My love of florals is unwavering and as you may remember, my favorite dress… er, dresses… are floral printed.  Check out these fierce florals and tell me you’re not a believer:

1. D & G Floral Ruffle Dress, $745, 2. Forever 21 Peek A Boo Dress, $15.80, 3. MINKPINK Darling Buds of May Sundress, $103, 4. Diane von Furstenberg Graca Dress, $325, 5. Anna Sui Watercolor Floral Garden Mixed Print Dress, $425, 6. Nanette Lepore Candy Girl Dress, $298, 7. JOIE Painterly FLoral Balinda Dress $288, 8. Free People Parisian Bouquets Halter Dress, $128, 9. Carin Wester Nakato Shirtdress, $295, 10. Free People Everything Nice Lace Dress, $98

Toughen up your floral frock with chunky platforms and edgy accessories so that you look more like a primrose than a wallflower.




Photo via Chakra.org

Why Did You Wear That: Everything’s Coming Up Roses

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On a gorgeous NY day like today (82 degrees and about 536% humidity), I feel like we need a little brightening up of our wardrobes. One of the fastest ways to bring a little sunshine into your life is by dressing yourself in something floral. Flowers always make me think of warm weather, butterflies, and rainbows (okay, maybe not that much… but you get where I’m headed).  In a world full of black and grey, why not be you very own ray of sunshine?  Be sure to anchor your pretty pattern with solids. No need to overwhelm. Don’t want any weeds in your glorious garden.

Picture 1Topshop Vintage Floral Skirt, $65

9764__1-detailMyne Silk Floral Skirt, $207

tornb2042817393_p3_v1_m56577569831937014_254x500Torn by Ronny Kobo Sophia Floral Dress, $173

Picture 2Blu Moon Summer Lovin Floral Dress, $175

eqzoom85.msTorn floral tank, $55.80

(another intern-less photo).


In a world full of chaos… take some time to stop and smell the roses.