Ladies Who Brunch

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Not that brunch ever officially slows down in New York, but it does pick up as the ice starts to thaw, the birds start to chirp and the skin starts to be exposed.  That is why I thought “brunch attire” should be covered, stat.

The recession hasn’t stopped people from boozing up their Saturdays and Sundays here in NYC, if anything, it’s given us all the more reason to pound back a bellini with our challa French toast.  Whether you’re dancing on the tables at Bagatelle or just enjoying girl talk at a quiet table at Tre, brunch is a New York institution.  I tend to avoid the raucous wild party brunches, but I’ve been known to hallucinate after a few glasses of rose at Felix.

For those of you who have yet to experience “brunch,” just think of it as tailgating- except with better food, better drinks, no face paint or port-o-potties, and probably better company.  Regardless, careful consideration should go into your brunch attire.  Brunch is tricky because you still want to look cute, but you can not go decked out in your Saturday night best (i.e., sequins and stilettos) though this doesn’t stop some.  Careful distinction between daytime and nighttime makeup must also be made.  Maybe your heavy eye makeup looks cool at 1am tucked in a banquette at Bijoux, but you will look like a tranny at 1pm at Merkato55.

Here are a few brunch style tips to help:

  • Invest in some cute flat or slightly wedge heeled shoes.  You will be drunk and falling off the banquettes at some point, may as well decrease your chances of a sprained ankle.  Bonus- one of the few times that you can actually get away with flat shoes and happy feet.
  • Wear pants whether they be skinny jeans or leggings (take this lightly, remember, leggings aren’t really pants) because, again, you will be drunk and falling.  No one needs/wants to see your “Britney.”
  • Go easy on the eyeliner.  You don’t want to look hungover before you’re actually hungover.
  • Avoid make up touch-ups and re-coiffing your hair in the bathroom after 2 or more bloody mary’s.  Nothing good will come from this.
  • Sunglasses are always a good call.  They can hide your hangover from the night before or the one you start to get around 6pm.
  • Avoid slutty tops that will slip off of your shoulders or give too much cleavage.  It’s daylight, we will catch a nip slip. We’re drunk, not blind.
  • Take a “disco nap” before attempting to go out after brunch.  Your brunch outfit is no longer relevant at 1Oak.  Flat shoes? You think they let anyone under 5’7″ in the door?
  • The point of brunch attire is to look like you didn’t try too hard, so don’t.  A cute tank or tee with a great fitting pair of jeans and boots and you’re good to go.  You want everyone to think you look that fabulous all the time.
  • Don’t think for one second that it’s okay to roll out wearing what you had on the night before.  You’re not fooling anyone. We saw you. (Besides, we can smell the cigarette smoke and see that cranberry juice stain).
  • Moisturize. Use concealer if you must.  Just remember, natural light is much less forgiving than flashing disco balls.

All in all, brunch is a fun time to get together with friends and cut loose.  Don’t take it too seriously.  Nothing is that serious… well, except for wearing leggings as pants.