Setting the Mood: Ski Bunny
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sundance ski styleHere’s one for ya: I’ve never been skiing… or snowboarding.  Ever. I am, however, pretty sweet on a pair of ice skates.  But apparently winter sports are a “thing.”  Physical exertion in below freezing temperatures with the risk of bodily injury seems to get some people’s adrenaline going.  I’m not here to judge, but if you’re looking for me, it won’t be on the bunny slopes.  Instead you’ll find me in the lodge sipping a hot toddy getting a foot rub from that cute ski instructor, Steve.  Perhaps that’s why some folks put themselves through all of the swooshing and sliding down the side of a mountain: for the afterparty.  We all know afterparties are where it’s at.  Why else do you think they came up with the name, “apres ski?”  And while I’ve already cut to the chase and am three hot chocolates in, you’re going to need to slip into something cozy chic for your fireside recovery.  The look is cabin casual.

apres ski accessoriesEugenia Kim Wool and Cashmere Beanie, $185, Zoe Karssen Fun Sweatshirt, $95, Plush Fair Isle Trim Leggings, $75, Sorel Tofino Waterproof Boots, $150

To be clear, leggings are still not pants.  Not even on the side of a mountain.



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Guest Post: Look to the Stars
Written by: WhyDid | Guest Blogger

Celebrities are always a step ahead of the game when it comes to hairstyles and fashion, thanks to free “samples” from designers, so it makes sense to look to those in the spotlight for up and coming trends.  Whether you’re looking for the perfect outfit for New Year’s Eve or just adding a few items to your wardrobe, take a look at these five trends celebs have been seen sporting lately.

1. Jewel Tones

Rich, vibrant, saturated colors have been seen on everything lately – from eyelids  to clothing, and even nail polish.  Need a little inspiration?  Browse through your grandma’s jewelry collection and draw ideas from your favorite pieces.  Does the richness of the ruby catch your attention?  Or perhaps the deep, dark shine of the sapphire?  Find the color that speaks to you and make a bold statement by incorporating it into your apparel.

Jewel-toned eye makeup is making a major comeback as well.  The bold look adds drama to the eye, with a smoky application of the rich, pigmented colors.  Emerald green specifically, has been touted as the season’s “it” eye accent color.  Pair it with a dark crimson lip color and you’ll be the hit of your next holiday party.

2. Animal Prints

Though animal print may be considered “tacky” to some, it’s back with a vengeance.  Leopard print is particularly hot and can be found on anything from apparel, to tights, and even shoes. Celebrities have recently been seen wearing the stylish prints on the red carpet, at parties, and even in their casual everyday wear.  Adding a pop of animal print does wonders for an otherwise drab outfit. Just make sure to use animal print responsibly – overdoing it can take you from fashionista to fashion disaster very quickly.

3. Autumnal Tones

Earthy colors are on the rise this season, inspired by the warm, spicy palette of fall.  Mustard yellow is a current favorite, and celebrities are particularly loving cardigans and other knits in the vintage hue.  Adding a scarf or handbag in the color will instantly put you at the top of the trends.  Embrace the retro vibe the deep shade of yellow brings by trying pin curls on your hair or wearing red lipstick on your pout.  Spicy shades of red, sunset orange, cinnamon, and yellow-greens are all excellent choices.

4. Faux Fur

That’s right, fur is back, but not in the head-to-toe, Cruella DeVille sort of way.  Instead, it’s appearing on vests, coat collars, gloves, and hats.  Fur adds an air of cold-weather charm, while keeping the iconic look of wealth.  Pair a furry accessory with jeans and a simple tee to create an appealing mixture of retro and glam.

5. Fair Isle

This traditional knit stems from a small island north of Scotland.  Once again the trend is nothing new, but rather a resurgence of an age old fashion. We’ve been seeing this type of sweater in ski shops and woodsy towns for years, but only recently did it make its way mainstream. Try layering the rustic sweater over a collared dress shirt. The juxtaposition of contrasting styles works together to create a high-fashion ensemble.  The look works for males, females, children, and even the occasional pooch. Wear this Scandinavian-style sweater with some lace-up snow boots to complete the look.

Follow this five simple trends and you’ll be looking like a star in no time.




About the Author:  Lisa is an avid yoga enthusiast who enjoys writing in her spare time for Usdirect.com.

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Why Did You Wear That: Fair Well, My Friend.
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So, here’s your mini history lesson for the day, fair isle is a knitting technique used to create patterns using different colors. The technique is named after a small island off the coast of Scotland and became popular after the Prince of Wales sported the knitted vests all the way back in 1921. See? So much smarter and you’re only two sentences in!

I remember sitting in a design meeting two years ago discussing fairisle… so I’m happy to see that it eventually caught on to the masses. While this style probably used to remind you of your grandmother, it is so far from frumpy.

haute2053722881_p1_v1_m56577569832049871_254x500Haute Hippie Fairisle Sweater, $495

Screen shot 2010-09-29 at 4.44.52 PMTopshop Knitted Fairisle Cardigan, $110

Screen shot 2010-09-29 at 4.48.58 PMWhistles Suki Fairisle Knitted Sweater, $143.23

Screen shot 2010-09-29 at 5.10.55 PMMarc by Marc Jacobs Buzzy Fairisle Cardigan, $278

Screen shot 2010-09-29 at 5.13.40 PMWilster Patterned Cardigan, $242

Screen shot 2010-09-29 at 5.16.06 PMRalph Lauren Wool-Cashmere Cardigan, $465

80355013-01Forever21 Chunky Knit Ski Sweater, $29.80







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