Why Did or Why Don’t: Choke Hold

By |June 19th, 2014|Why Did or Why Don't?|

choker necklacesAlong with BirkenstocksTevas, and scrunchies, another 90’s accessory making its way back to the buffet for seconds is the choker.  Unlike failures in footwear, this was actually one trend I participated in the first go round.  However, the ones I was wearing looked a little different than the iterations most recently seen on celebrities, runways, and department stores.  No, no, mine weren’t the now sophisticated types made from shiny metals with beautiful embellishments.  Mine were a bit more basic, probably crafted out of hemp with the crown jewel being a- wait for it…  Fimo bead.

But these neckwringers, aren’t really to be credited specifically to the 90’s.  It just so happens that was the first time I (and most of you) were alive to wear them.  As a matter of fact, chokers were big all the way back in 1940 and in the 1860’s, prostitutes actually wore black ribbons around their necks to let the gents know they were open for business.  Now, wearing a choker will probably only insinuate that you’re under the age of forty and know all the lyrics to Ace of Bass’s “I Saw the Sign.”

choker necklace1. Victorian Lace Choker Necklace, 2. Pamela Love Sunset Gold Plated Labradorite Choker, 3. Eddie Borgo Safety Chain Choker, 4. Jules Smith Americana Choker, 5. Linda Farrow + Mawi Gold Tone and Watersnake Choker, 6. 90s Heart Invisible Choker Necklace, 7. Joomi Lim Lost Innocence Choker, 8. Arme De L’Amour Gold Plated Necklace, 9.Paula Mendoza Hera Gold Plated Choker

So, will you be giving this trend a second look?