Beauty Buzz: Gym Class Heroes

By |July 23rd, 2014|Beauty Buzz|

workout fitness beautyI think most women who actually take their physical fitness seriously can attest to the fact that one of our biggest eye rolling moments at the gym is upon spotting a perfectly made up, coiffed, push up sports bra clad babe texting in between turning pages of Cosmo on the elliptical.  Speaking of which, I always cringe when women’s magazines suggest meeting men at the gym because I promise you the last thing I want is for a juiced up bro to approach me while running interval sprints on the treadmill.  That’s a surefire way to get a dumbbell straight to the dome.  Besides, I tend to be a bit of a sweaty mess and believe this is why women only gyms were invented.  So how does one recover beautifully post workout?

Just like I mentioned about there not being some magic way to acquire abs of steel, there are, however, a few products that can certainly contribute to the cause:

  • I love dry brushing before the shower or you could use the Skinesis Bodylift from Sarah Chapman to help with pesky cellulite.
  • Tossing your hair up into a high ponytail or messy bun atop your head can actually cause quite a bit of damage as you move.  Definitely opt for softer rubber bands sans metal closures to avoid breakage and if you can, wear a braid (French, fishtail, rope– take your pick).
  • After your sweat session, you may only have time to rinse and head back to the office or hopefully happy hour. No full swing shower, massage and chiropractor session (more about the services here).  If you’re like me and a full on blow out isn’t even in the realm of possibility, then meet your new best friend, dry shampoo.  The trick is finding one that won’t  leave you looking like Martha Washington with a powdered wig.
  • If you like running outside when humidity is less than that of a tropical rainforest, then sunscreen is a must.  For so long, I didn’t bother.  Partially because I’d had a few sour experiences of blindness once sweat swept my SPF right into my eyes, but basically out of sheer laziness.  Guess who doesn’t want knees that look like a vintage leather handbag?
  • The biggest favor you can do for your skin pre-workout is wiping your makeup off.  Your skin needs to be able to breath in order for toxins (that bottle of Sauvignon Blanc you shared last night) to be released.  Stash makeup wipes in your gym bag for a quick cleanse before you feel the burn.
  • I can’t lie.  My feet are gnarly from miles logged on the treadmill and on the road.  Be sure to take some time to soak those tired toes and give them a little TLC so you won’t be ashamed to bare them in open toe shoes or plop them up on the chaise lounge poolside.

workout beauty

1. Fresh Sugar Deodorant Antiperspirant, 2. Alterna Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo, 3. Sephora Collection Tropicolor Ribbon Hair Ties, 4. MED e TATE DERMAdoctor, 5. This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle, 6. Samudra Coco Palms Pouch, 7. Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes, 8. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Bodylift, 9. Bodyism’s Clean and Lean Serenity Shake, 10. Margaret Dabbs Hydrating Foot Soak, 11. Hampton Sun SPF 35 Continuous Mist Sunscreen



Beauty Buzz: You’re Doing It Wrong

By |June 21st, 2012|Beauty Buzz|

putting on makeupIt’s very, very easy to get stuck in your very own beauty rut.  We’ve learned to do things a certain way and tend to stick to what’s worked for us.  However, you might have grown a bit too accustomed to your regular regimen.  Here are five ways to shake things up and get more out of your beauty routine:

  1. Get dirty.  Here’s a secret:  I only wash my hair twice a week.  Gross?  Meh.  Let’s consider it water conservation.  I have about two feet of hair and it’s a bit on the dry side.  Not to mention, blowing out my naturally wavy locks, puts a lot of stress on my tresses.  Dry shampoo and perfecting the art of a top knot, allow for extra time between washes.  Give your hair a break and let your body’s own natural oil seep in and condition your hair.
  2. Eyes first.  We’ve been taught to paint on our pretty faces by starting with foundation and finishing with our eyes.  Well, here’s the thing: when you finally do reach the grand finale smokey eye, you’re pretty likely to ruin the perfect palette you created in the first place with flecks of shadow and liner smudging your face.  Why not try starting your eyes and then completing the look by smoothing off any mess with your foundation, bronzer, and blush?
  3. Brush it off.  Before even stepping foot into the shower, you should use a dry brush to exfoliate your skin.  This will not only deflake any and all tired summer skin, but it also increases circulation which aids in the fight against cellulite.  Two birds, one brush. (Try this one from Elemis).
  4. Don’t brush it out.  So, pretty much the only time I ever brush my  hair is right before I wash it (which I’ve mentioned only happens twice a week).  I brush to get all the tangles out pre-sudsing and then use a comb to release any new snags post conditioning.  Marcia Brady was wrong:  you absolutely can overdo it with the brushing.
  5. Crank it up.  When flat ironing your hair, it’s actually better to turn the heat all the way up and make one pass down your tresses than to use moderate heat and go over and over and over… your hair.

See what a little bit of backwards thinking can do?