Beauty Buzz: The Root of the Problem

By |January 6th, 2011|Beauty Buzz|

So I’ve been sporting unintentional ombre hair.  It is “unintentional” because I haven’t had my hair highlighted since June (that’s 7 months, folks) my beloved hairdresser returned to her hometown in eastern Europe and I’m a lunatic when it comes to letting just anyone touch my beloved locks.  So, until I find someone who can properly  handle my strands of gold, I will allow my natural hue to emerge from my scalp.

While at times I want to punch my own reflection in the mirror, there are a few upsides.  One being that I’m allowing my hair a little bit of recovery time.  It isn’t easy being highlighted and flat ironed and tugged and pulled.  The other being that I’m apparently not alone in this hairy situation.  Celebrities from Whitney Port to Alexa Chung and Jessica Biel have been showing off a little root.

The first person I ever recall sporting roots and making it look cool was Sarah Jessica Parker back in the Sex and the City days.  I remember thinking, “She is so cool She can even make hair growth look good!” So what is ombre and how is it created?  Basically the top of the hair is left darker or in some cases dyed a bit darker while leaving the lower (middle to bottom) hair a few shades lighter.  It is supposed to be a subtle transitional look as to not channel “trailer park blonde.”

I actually really like the style on several celebs when it is done correctly. When the color is drastically different, I think it has a tendency to come off as more of a mistake than a choice.  Ombre hair looks best on brunettes and blondes who have naturally light hair.  Otherwise you may look like this:

Rather than looking like this:

Oh… I just realized another upside to ombre hair… I’m saving money!  While some may have to pay up to get the look, mine is as free as can be.  So what do you think? Would you rock the ombre hair trend?

rooting for you…



Beauty Buzz: Hairs to You!

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It seems that you guys really love big hair- almost as much as I do.  The day that I posted about “Bump Its” was the busiest day we’ve ever seen over here at WDYWT.  So, to thank you, here’s more big  hair:


Remember when Drew Barrymore wore her hair like this to the Golden Globes? And remember how she then wore it the same way in several consecutive interviews promoting her new movie, Grey Gardens?  I’m still trying to figure this look out.  What do you think prompted her to decided that this was a good style for her?  I love big hair as much as the next gal – but really?


Here Drew is again… with more bad hair.  Do you think she has some Bump Its under there?  I just hope that she is on her way to the salon and saying, “Peace!” to her bad hair days.